25-year-old Mum-of-four dies of cervical cancer after hospital deemed her 'too young to have smear test' and sent her home with painkillers

A young mum-of-four has died following a year-long battle with cervical cancer - despite being too young for a routine smear test.
Relatives of a mum-of-four who died of cervical cancer say she wasn't offered a smear test despite her painful symptoms and a family history of the disease.
They said Sadie Blackston, 25, was deemed too young for a routine test, but they believe her cancer would have been caught earlier if she had been given one.
Despite a history of cervical cancer on her mum's side of the family, she was

not offered a smear test and instead was sent home with painkillers, her sister claimed.
After the initial diagnosis Sadie underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment but was later told the cancer had spread and was terminal. She sadly died on February 7 at her mum Leanne Limes' home, where she grew up, surrounded by family and friends. She leaves behind children Morgan, 7, Kenzie, 5, Ellisia, 4, and Harvey, 2.
Lizzie her sister said Sadie had visited the hospital  three or four times complaining of pain and bleeding but was not offered a smear test.
She was finally diagnosed after she collapsed and had to be rushed to hospital .