Friday, January 06, 2017

Angry woman shaves off husband's mistress with a kitchen knife (Video)

Image result for Kenyan Woman chops off husband's mistress hair with kitchen knife after she finds them in bed

An angry Kenyan woman from Kisumu took vengeance on her husband’s mistress after she caught them in bed. In the video, which was uploaded online to warn current or intending mistresses, the angry wife who could be heard speaking Luo, was seen chopping off the mistress' braided hair with a kitchen knife. But angry viewers on Facebook, who were displeased with the punishment, put the wife on blast, saying she should have dealt with the husband not the mistress.
 Watch the video and read the comments below...

Ole Naimutie:  Fuck this, she should've punished her husband himself, he wasn't forced into that lady, anyway let her be ready to deal with more women associated with the hubby including her friends,If that how that woman(wife)is then no wonder her hubby looks for pussies outside,hers looks n taste ugly kama ni ukweli venye husemekana mdomo ya mwanamke hufanana na punani yake,tafakari

Eric Kochelli: Stupid woman, how do you punish a woman who slept with your husband, what were you not doing to make him do so...... 

Nyamweka Joaquim: You failed in your responsibilities as woman, you record such nonsense for pple to watch !!?! Who do you think should watch over your husband if not you? Wacha upuzi mwanamke , chunga mume wako na mpe mapenzi anayotaka . Stop being silly! Si ungeenda ukate makende ya bwanako ?

Christine Smith: Try to shave mine i will kill yu i be jailed for life i don't care..

Daggie O: Conventional wisdom.. This was a good case of a fool messed with a fools husband n the repurcusions were ... Well.. Foolish.. Theres nothing wrong with ur hair being cut off.. Comeon the lady should be thanking her gods that the knife is making rounds on her hair in stead of lucrative areas like her boobs, genitals or a life changing section like her heart, or throat... Ama ni mmi tu nao a hio....

Mike Muchene: This is an abuse by law she can be jailed for what she is doing. She does not deserve this for helping her 😂😂😂😂😂

Grace Muhia: You should report the woman cutting her hair .. You have murder threats on video.. She should be in jail for attempted murder ... And you taking the video you are guilty for being an accessory. We are talking of life in prison and 20yrs respectively .... If your husband is cheating ... He doesn't deserve you .. Let people live life. I hope I can find all those involve in this act.#shame on u

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