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What it means when YOU are being taken for granted

When you are taken for granted, it means your value is being underestimated. You are expected to always be available, to serve without needing a 'thank you', an appreciation. In short you are being taken for granted when people or someone expects you to serve without needing recognition/acknowledgement. When try as you may, give until you have nothing more to give yet, you are seen as ''after-all you are doing what you should be doing" You go all out of your way to render some services yet that recognition is not given you and you are wondering why? Just know that YOU ARE BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED.  Your value is not appreciated or, you are not even valued by whoever it is you are serving.
To be honest, so many people feel they are being taken for granted but are not really sure. Now, here are signs to prove that you are truly not valued either by an individual; husband, wife, In-laws, friends, family and the list goes on.


'Why my wife doesn't go on Red Carpet with me' - Ramsey Nouah

Nollywood actor, Ramsey Noauh is one actor who has really tried in keeping his family off the media. Even agreeing to give interviews is like passing a needle through a camel's eye. In this interview with Premium Times which took place at the Eko Club in Surulere, Lagos, the 46-year-old cut a very different picture from the tough guy he portrays in movies.

Quite reserved, the father-of-three opened up on his marriage and addressed stereotypes . Read excerpts from the interview after the cut....

Aside from acting what have you been up to lately?
RAMSEY: I have been spending time with my family. Whenever the need arises, I get involved in humanitarian and charitable activities. It has been more about film, family and giving back to the society.

Ramsey, your marriage appears to have stood the test of time. You have been married for 15 years now. Some of your colleagues have been unlucky in this regard.

Can a woman get aroused, reach orgasm while breastfeeding her baby?

Yes! many women feel sexually aroused while nursing their babies, some even to the point of orgasm. Sexual feeling when breastfeeding sounds weird right? but it's natural for some women. It happens and they have no control.
“In a 2000 study of breastfeeding women, 40.5% of the participants reported feeling sexually aroused at some point during infant suckling. 16.7% reported being aroused frequently during breastfeeding. In a more recent paper that reviewed several studies between 33-50% of women described breastfeeding as erotic (and 25% of those women said they felt guilty about it).

If you’ve experienced or are experiencing this sexual stimulation during nursing, and you’re

'If I could turn back the hands of time, I would never hurt or make you cry' - RMD celebrates wife as she turns a year older

Veteran Actor Richard Mofe-Damijo took to his Instagram to celebrate his wife, Jumobi as she turned a year older today. He shared the above photo and wrote;

"Nah, this won't be a long one. Been saying too much of late and dragging you back into the public space you've warned me to keep you away from, you see, I'm trying but I can't help myself. I must let the world know that you're the

This man has gone viral after taking picures of himself everyday during weight loss journey (Watch Video to see the shocking difference)

The man on these photos is going viral for posting a video showcasing his tremendous weight loss on Youtube. He lost 20kg in 3 months. Press play after the cut to watch all that fat disappear in two minutes...

Bride and groom ask invited wedding guests to contribute toward their fertility treatment instead of gifts now they have 3 kids through IVF

Karen, 31, and Andrew, 39, a taxi driver, both from Glasgow, had been trying for four years to have a baby before tests revealed Andrew’s medical condition that meant he didn’t produce sperm. Karen says: “When the tests came back showing Andrew had a genetic condition, we were devastated. We hadn’t known anything about it. “We knew our only option was IVF treatment. But we had no idea how we were going to pay for it. “But as we were getting married in May 2014 we decided to ask our guests to pay for our treatment as wedding presents. “We had lived together for years so we didn’t need anything for the house and we didn’t want a big honeymoon. “The only thing that was missing was a family together, so we decided to ask our guests for money towards IVF instead. “No one said ‘no’. Some people got quite emotional. There were a few tears when people

Woman shares a photo of what it looks like after losing both her breast to cancer

She is indeed a very courageous woman and this should serve as a form of encouragement to other women who hide in shame and begin to have insecurities because of just little blemishes or tiny accident scars on their skin. See her smile like she just doesn't care and that is exactly how to defeat cancer. This is the spirit of a survivor!

Cancer as we all know, is a disease of the body, mind and spirit and can only be defeated with this kind of attitude. If she didn't let this here bring down her spirit then she'll let nothing

Lovely Photos from Peter Okoye's daughter, Aliona's 4th birthday

Singer, Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo's daughter, Aliona, turned 4 on Saturday.
See more photos below...

Melania Trump Doesn't Seem Happy at all. What wife will?

A husband and his wife are attending a very important event like his inauguration. They sit together in the car and arrive the venue. Trust women to be careful with heels, 'careful with makeup and all' by the time she alights the vehicle, hubby is already far ahead climbing the stairs without even looking back to see if wifey is fine. What husband does that? Couldn't Mr Trump even wait a few seconds by the car door and hold his wife's hand even if for appearances knowing that the whole world is watching this spectacular moment. This shows clearly that he doesn't value his wife. He doesn't care about her feelings, he seems to me like the kind of husband that can embarrass his wife in public without caring. 

In a world like theirs where PDA is a necessity, these little gestures mean a whole lot and helps to strengthen marriages. Holding her hand up the stair case is important at least considering she is wearing heels. For this particular

Nigerian mother of two who walked out of an abusive marriage marries a hot single never-been-married Igbo man

Facebook user, Aishatu Ella John shared this amazing story of her friend, Noma Oma Patrick, who just got married to a single never-been-married hot dude.

Nora was married for some years, had two children, suffered emotional and physical abusive, had the courage to walk out and got married to a single fine man last December.  Read what Aishatu wrote below:

When Nora Oma Patrick told me she was getting remarried, I screamed for joy and started dancing. When I saw the wedding pictures, I couldn't contain my excitement. I was jumping up and down, happy excited and even crying tears of joy, I told Nora her wedding got me more excited than mine, I don't think she understood, she must have assumed I was some crazy person lol  For people who may not understand my excitement let me tell you a little about Nora and her journey.
Nora got married very young, she was young and innocent, she assumed she would like a life of happily ever after but soon that illusion was shattered with abuse and s…

Recipe for Cow-leg white soup

Nigerian white soup is cooked without palm oil even though sometimes I add a few drops of oil to mine. This cow leg white soup is cooked with no oil. Recipe is same as other white soups just the addition of cow leg to this pot. There is no special method of cooking this, just cook cow leg soft and then add to your boiling soup. Cow-legs are very tough but this cooked really fast because I pressure cooked the leg first. If you have our white soup recipe, it is basically the same method with just twists and twerks each time I cook the soup. When you cook with cow leg, it's best to add some other form of protein like fish, beef or chicken because cow leg on it's own is almost tasteless, I added some tiny pieces of

Spaghetti with vegetable sauce

This vegetable sauce is both delicious and nutritious.
INGREDIENTS for boiling spaghetti

WaterDrop of vegetable oilSaltTumeric (Optional)
INGREDIENTS FOR PASTA VEGETABLE SAUCE: 3 cups Vegetable oil1 small bunch green leafy vegetable (Amaranthus/Aleho/green)2 large tomatoes2 eggssardines or any fish of sauce. I used 2 cans of sardines here2 Seasoning cubes2 medium sized Carrots1 large Red bell pepper (Tatashe)Scotch bonnet peppers (Optional)1 medium sized Onion
Cooking Procedure

My Chinese style shredded beef gravy Recipe

My Chinese style shredded beef gravy (Beef curry sauce) without oyster sauce though. Cooked with mostly Nigerian ingredients and served with boiled rice. Yummy sauce.


I kg shredded beef2 large green peppers4 large red bell peppers (tatashey)3 large carrots3 cabbage leaves1 large onion1 tablespoon baking flour to thicken1 sachet knorr gravy powder (Roast meat)Salt to tasteseasoning cubes to taste3 cups water3 teaspoonfuls curry powder1/4 teaspoon soy sauce (Optional)

COOKING PROCEDURE: Wash and boil shredded beef with salt and onion until tender, cut beef flat to help cook much