With no one watching, baby in pram falls down concrete steps, rolls and lands upside down

A baby is left with serious facial injuries after an unattended pram fell down a flight of concrete stairs.
The 10-month-old boy was left at the top of the steps at a street in Bellsmyre.
With no one watching, his pram rolled and fell down the steps, landing upside down at the
The young baby suffered cuts and grazes on the side of his face running from his hairline down to his jaw.
Medics said the boy’s face was swollen and bruised but there were no bone injuries.
Dumbarton woman Natalie Robb admitted failing to properly look out for the child when she appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week.
Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said he hoped she was appalled with herself following the incident, which took place on June 26 this year.
Sheriff Hendry said: “I want to think that when you realised what you had allowed to happen you were appalled with yourself.”
Robb, 24, is said to have left the baby unattended to pursue two people while behaving in a threatening or abusive manner by shouting, swearing and uttering threats of violence.
She appeared in the dock at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week where she admitted culpably and recklessly leaving the child at the top of the stairs after which the pram then fell down and landed upside down causing the child to strike his head and suffer an injury.
Depute fiscal, Alistair Shaw said: “The child suffered extensive lacerations and abrasions to the right side of his face running from his hairline to his jaw.”
He added: “When the child was further assessed there was subsequent bruising and swelling but there were no bone injuries.