Mum of five devastated after husband dumped her and kids to be with a single mum he met on school runs

Kelly was devastated when her husband fell for her former friend at the school gates

Mum-of-five Kelly Pritchard told how her husband ditched her and the kids after having an affair with another mum, who he got to know whilst flirting at the kids' school gates. “Shattered”

Kelly, 29, told the Mirror that love rat husband Allen, also 29, met single mum-of-two Finlay Doyle whilst waiting to pick the kids up from Lakeside Primary School, in Derby.
Eventually, delivery driver Allen started an illicit relationship with 34-year-old Finlay, who lives round the corner from the Pritchard family home – and used to be friends with wife Kelly.
Now, despite still being married, Allen has proposed to Finlay and is living just down the road at her place.
What’s more, cheating Allen is even planning a baby with his new partner, whilst Kelly has been left to raise the pair’s children all alone.
Devastated Kelly is even forced to see Finlay every day – on the same school run where her husband fell in love with his new fiance.
Kelly said: “I’d like nothing more than never to see her again but instead I see her every single day at the gates with the life that should be mine. I’ve got nothing to say to her.
“As for Allen, it wouldn’t bother me if he got hit by a bus. But if he was standing in front of me right now I’d tell him to man up and see his kids instead of playing dad to hers.