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Nigerian recipes to cook this weekend; Pick any


How to cook recession yam porridge (pottage) with tomatoes

Recession yam porridge is cooked without meat or fish but with some less expensive protein element. It tastes so so good. Cooking this porridge is very easy, this is like the easiest method of making Nigerian yam porridge. Less ingredients with same great taste.


1 Tuber yam (medium sized)5 large tomatoes2 large onion bulbs2 cups palm oil2 cups ground crayfishFresh pepperKnorr cubes to your tasteSalt to tasteWater COOKING DIRECTIONS:

Five Egusi (melon) soup Recipes to try this weekend

Egusi soup is our Nigerian soup recipe for this weekend. Check out recipes on numbers 1 to 5 below; pick one and try.
Happy cooking.

Egusi soup with ugu vegetablesEgusi soup with tomatoEfo elegusi by Lizzy ObazeEgusi soup with TuwoEgusi soup with bitter leaf

Jollof Rice and moi moi that can make you go gaga

When food is presented this good, I just want to place it on the coffee table as decoration and leave it there. Feels like some exotic decor that shouldn't be eaten. What?

If this makes you want to eat jollor rice, follow the link below to find recipes for jollof rice, jollof macaroni, jollof spaghetti and so much more in just one link: All the jollof recipes here

RECIPE: Nigerian puff puff (kpof kpof)

I just made this puff puff using the recipe on the blog. Follow the link below to see it :

Click on the link below to see the puff puff recipe I used...
Nigerian puff puff recipe

More cooking pictures after the cut...

No meat vegetable gravy for Nigeria in recession

No meat vegetable sauce cooked with beef stock and knorr hearty beef powder. Very affordable, Tastes great, try it. I never wanted to post this recipe because the blog has so many sauces for rice already but sha, I'll just briefly write something.


How to make popcorn in a fry pan in 5 minutes

Popcorn is a snack loved by all especially kids. I'm yet to meet a kid that doesn't like popcorn while watching a movie. In this recession economy, buying popcorn for a  large family has become quite expensive, so, recently I remembered my easy home-made popcorn, which is affordable and saves time too. Right now the kids don't even ask me for popcorn, they know how to make theirs and also know that the instruction reads..."You can't take more than 1/2  cup maize at a time" Lol.
In just five minutes, my popcorn is ready and the whole house plus neighbourhood is filled with that fresh popping corn aroma. 
1 to 2 table spoons vegetable oil (I used soya oil)1 to 2 teaspoons of  salt1/2 cup maize COOKING DIRECTION:

Online versus Offline Shopping

Not everyone is lucky with Online Shopping I guess. Lmao


October is breast cancer awareness month! Signs and symptoms of breast cancer: A change in size or shape of the breastA lump or thickening that feels different from the rest of the breast tissueRedness or a rash on the skin and/or around the nippleA change in skin texture such as puckering or dimplingDischarge (liquid) that comes from the nipple without squeezingNipple becoming inverted or changing its position or shapeA swelling in the armpit or around the collarboneConstant pain in the breast or armpit

'I thought the only sign of breast cancer was a lump - I was wrong'

October is breast cancer awareness month, below, 2 women share their stories on TelegraphUk: Marianne Head, aged 26 I couldn't feel a lump. My partner and I had long been aware of a small dimple on my right breast and - just before Christmas in 2015 - he suggested I get it checked out ‘just to be on the safe side’. A biopsy revealed that a 56mm cancerous tumour had been growing inside me. At 26-years-old, the doctors believed it would be best to give me thorough treatment to ensure this was nothing more than a small setback, in what could continue to be a healthy life. Since diagnosis, I have had six cycles of chemotherapy, a double mastectomy, a lymph node clearance, and radiotherapy. It's been gruelling - but I feel blessed that my partner pushed me to go to the doctor when he did, and proud that I had the courage to do so. As of September 2016, my tumour was successfully removed. I am now back at work, and using my experience to try and help the breast cancer charity Coppa…