Any guy guilty of any 5 of these signs is definitely gay


  1. He owns an umbrella. 
  2. He showers with hot water 
  3. He covers with a duvet when sleeping alone. 
  4. His bathing soap costs more than N150
  5. He wears a pouch on his phone 
  6. He applies vaseline/lip gloss during harmattan. 
  7. He applies white powder on his armpits 
  8. He changes his BBM dp more than thrice a month. 
  9. He owns a selfie stick 
  10. He drinks Fanta 
  11. He wears under pants rather than boxers 
  12. He uses a photo/selfie of him as his laptop wallpaper.
  13. He sips drinks with straw. 
  14. He chews gum for more than 10 minutes. 
  15. He uses Snapchat filters. 
  16. He runs when crossing the road. 
  17. He applies body cream 
  18. He wears a nose ring 
  19. He places one leg on a stool/bed when applying body cream
  20. He takes a selfie with another guy 
  21. He has camera 360 app on his phone 
  22. He ties sponge on his waist after bathing. 


  1. Lol! Maybe not a gay, but he's definitely different.. A big question mark on his head

  2. Lol. Come onnn!


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