How do I forgive a husband who has not even accepted his wrong?

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Good morning Aunt

Pls hide my ID... Am a 27yr old lady married for almost 2yrs now, I have a daughter and am pregnant for another one.
I have a problem that I want to share with u concerning my husband... He's the type that's always with phone chatting mostly with ladies he's so addicted with it and I have told him that I don't like Several times that's why his phone has password.. On several occasions I have seen suspicious chat that indicates he's having extra marital affair but when I confront him he denies it..
2 days ago I was reading an article on his phone and he slept off then a whatsapp message came in and lo and behold my eyes could not believe what I saw.. Pls permit to share it "baby it's been a while
I felt your pussy, I remember the first time we fucked, and the lady replied that she'll call him when her kids have returned to school so they could have private and my husband said "Can we fuck for one week, I want to satisfy your fantasy... The lady replied " I promise to give u lots of sex, you have always been satisfying me dear husband asked her what are u putting on and she said her kids are disturbing her.... I couldn't believe that my husband could be this raw.. And she's not the only one poo,according to what I saw there are several of them..I cried for 2days,i was depressed and I didn't want to tell any family member about it yet nor my friends..
The worst thing is that when I confronted him about it he said he had never slept with her or any lady, that he admits they chat raw but nothing had ever happened in real life ..he's still denying it even when I have the evidence, I ceased his phone and his ATM cards because I saw that he's always transferring this particular lady with kids money... When u see this my husband he looks soooooo innocent he's saying that he promise we will delete all those app, he will never chat with them anymore but this is not the first time he's saying it.. How will I forgive someone who has not even admitted his wrongs to be sincere I hate him so much now if he could stoop so low as sleeping with a woman that has kids.. Am typing this message with tears and pain I don't know who to turn to nor what to do... Pls wives connection I need your help before I take a drastic decision that I might regret..
Thank you


  1. Some men will rather die than accept that they have been caught. This is so obvious and instead of being sober and sincerely asking for forgiveness, he is still denying. I pray someone here has the right comment for you poster.

  2. Princess8/28/2016

    Hmmm, I can relate with your pain dear poster. But truly you need to forgive him because unforgiveness deals a lot more on you as it breeds bitterness, heavy heart, pains and depression. Believe me its not going to be easy for you esp as he is still denying.

  3. Princess8/28/2016

    Hmmm, I can relate with your pain dear poster. But truly you need to forgive him because unforgiveness deals a lot more on you as it breeds bitterness, heavy heart, pains and depression. Believe me its not going to be easy for you esp as he is still denying even after he's been caught in the act. But you need to let go esp in your condition (pregnant) please its for you not because he needs it. I know things will never be the same except with Gods intervention. May God comfort you and help mend your brokenness

  4. My dear a cheater is always a cheater. . U have to go through the lady facebook page and find out who the husband is, and report to the hubby immediately before that lady destroy your marriage... Secondly call the girl on phone make her to understand that u have the evidence of all the chats and relationship she has wit your husband, let her know that if she did my quit u will inform the husband. Guess what she will know that their is fire on the mountain... And pray seriously now. I advise you to watch war room... Prayer is the master key..

  5. It is well poster. Life is so complicated. May God restore peace 2 your home. What do men really want? Please report that useless woman to her husband. Take screen grab of the chats and even the nude pics as evidence. Make sure you destroy her home b4 she destroys yours.

  6. Anonymous10/14/2016

    My dear, marriage is for better and worse, u have just tested ur worse, please take heart.though u know the truth, accept him to his word. but try this: 1) have a routine of praying together at least one or twice a day. 2) Tell him an indirect story of a man who do similar to his wife, really appreciate him for not being like such a man. 3)on a very happy day tell him most of the thing u like about him, tip in what u feel he can make little adjustment if he wish. that u will appreciate most if he do the other way round. 4) make Bible your friend and introduce him to have a longing for it. i wish the best. God be with You

  7. Why stick t o man who does not love you. Nigerian women though! Prayers without works is dead. In the mean time, use a condom.


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