Yes. She is an authority. Fashion for church shouldn't be revealing abi? Nigerian Event goers just  love NHN couture. 
See more photos when you continue...


  1. What happened to all the BVs on this blog na? There was a time a post would be having up to 30 comments. Where's Deborah Bala, musingsofjugdejudyjudy, Brandybless Williams, Uncle Johnson,Bonario, Adaezewrites,Aijaydaisy, everyone? What's the problem? Is it the blog content? Aunt Eya are you bothered like myself?

    1. Hi TBOTL, a blog is not something you leave and come back to. Blogging doesn't need that type of break oh. Before I went, Ienvisaged that it can't remain the same. I even thought that by the time I return, they'll be no one reading the blog. So I'm very happy that thousands still read wives connection daily. Blog commenting has changed generally. With Instagram and all other bubbly networks out there, we all know it's easier to say whatever where even the page owner cannot take down your comment. Blogs like LIB that get about 3.5 million daily views, how many Comments do we see on most posts? Except few controversial or giveaway ones. People have to feel comfortable
      on a blog before they can say something and that takes time Unless if I still had the old readers. Only few old BVs stayed till now. All other readers I think are new. Hopefully the old community returns oh if not we just continue to hope and pray. Thanks for showing concern. In case you are a blogger, just know that once you take a break from blogging, you either don't return or prepare your mind to start afresh. The content too, there are fewer food and marriage issue posts than before. Thanks TBOTL.

    2. Forgive me. Didn't proofread before posting that comment.

    3. The only consolation now is the Facebook shares oh, when I see that posts are being shared by readers it gives me hope.The hundreds of shares on some posts eh, I wish those were comments too. The future is very bright.

    4. It is well sister Eya. I am still here but I've got A LOT on my plate right now but God is in control. I was an old bv of yours too but wrote a different blog at the time.

      I totally get what this commenter is saying and I honestly long for the days when the interaction here was EPIC but I know things changed after your hiatus when Chairman was born. It is well. I dey here sha, I no dey go anywhere, lol.

    5. Thank you the judge herself. I wish you know how grateful I am to you and a few old Wives Connection readers who still check up on the blog. Like you, I know others who started blogging too but you guys shouldn't be leaving your new blogs without updates oh, even when you don't feel like posting, just try to update for the sake of readers refreshing the page. You don't want to experience what it feels like returning after blogging break oh. Please, our Chief Judge post often, I take God beg you sis. Take care, we are moving up. My people have a saying... "At all at all na im bad"


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