I Took My New Girlfriend Visiting, Discovered Another Friend Spent The Night With Her In That Same House We Were Visiting

I  met a girl on chat.. after we both picked interest in each other.. she is young and quite beautiful but in the process I found out that,  she must be related to a very close friend because of her surname.
After a while we met and she told me she loves me.
I took her to a friends place,  she told me she has been to this house before according to her 3 times.
While we were busy chatting my friend who lives there told me via sms  that our friend who shares the house has brought this girl and slept with her here.

When she left,  this friend downloaded
her file to me.  Her real age and that she has a baby and she had an affair with the our other friend.
He described the girl as loose.  Finally I also discovered that this girl was the younger sibling of another my friend.

I feel bad sighting these reasons not to continue but she insists that she loves me.

A friend's sister who has slept with two of her brother's friends in the same house. I  don't know what next to do with a relationship that just started. Please advise.


  1. now you know her better, so the choice is yours,

  2. Anonymous7/16/2016

    You are not in a relationship just because you've been chatting online and she claims to "love you". Walk away while the slate is clean. Thank me later.

    1. Nobody is perfect especially nowadays that the world is going nuts.if she told you the tru think and u really like her then forget about the past

  3. Some of us,guys and our defective reasoning - the girl is 'loose' abi? So,what about your friends she slept with? And,maybe 'even you'? You guys ain't loose; she is now the only loose one amongst you? Okay,you are the man - men groom women. Look for something and 'tight' her. Never open your mouth to call a lady you have been sleeping with,or plan to sleep with,'loose'. She is your product! #qdSEX #qdDOWNLOADS

  4. amakandidi7/17/2016

    Just walk away while you can please.


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