Low-Cost Vegetable Soup [500 Naira]

My low cost vegetable soup is ready, just added back the fried fish before serving.

Well, before I start cooking, let me thank the outspoken reader that requested that I post more of recipes that students and the unemployed can afford to cook... "You apologized  for making that request but I'm happy you let me know what works for a lot of  us in this TODAY. I agree that not too many Naijarians can cook with all those cow tails and cow legs and cow heads and stock fish etc. Thanks for giving me feedback and you are right because, if you look at the sidebar right now, The most Trending post on the blog is still that "Garden Egg Stew For Rice. You are a blessing and please feel free to give us more feedback, Blessings".

Now back to cooking my almost free soup. This vegetable soup is so  cheap ( as in most affordable oh) it's the kind of vegetable soup anyone can cook. For me. I got the vegetables, the amaranth and water leaf from my small garden so they are FREE. I only spent on the croaker fish but cannot say
exactly how much because this is old left over fish from the freezer. Looking at the quantity, five hundred naira should buy this quntity of fish. And, if you have to buy the green vegetables, 200 Naira can buy both the green maranth and waterleaf plus 500 Naira fish, 100 Naira crayfish
. You just cooked yourself an 800 Naira pot of nutrition.

Fresh, just picked from my vegetable garden.
Cook with ugu and waterleaf is you don't like this aleho. Just fry the onion, pepper, seasoning and fish, add water when you feel the pot is getting dry or about to start burning, when fish is cooked, take it out before adding vegetables else the fish crumbles while stirring. Bring back the fish when soup is cooked or just serve it that way.
Fresh water leaves, just picked too. I only cut off the flowers and cooked both the fresh stalk and leaves

 Nutrition for free

Taking out the fried fish before adding vegetables

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Adding vegetables

Just added vegetables to the red pot of fish stock

Sprinkling  some ground crayfish for added protein and taste

Soup is ready for me like this, but sha I won't lie, I enjoyed this soup more the next day after warming turned the vegetables brown, It tasted better then, can't figure out why.


I added this fish back to the pot but you can just serve because it's all cooked already.
If maybe you can't eat our low cost soups, cook your cow tail soup and enjoy, just click on the picture below to get the cow tail soup recipes.Nigerian soup recipes   .



  1. Yummy! I'm salivating already.

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  2. Sometimes these cheap & less stressful soups actually taste better than the ones you spend plenty money and energy to cook.


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