Okra soup
 Irresistible okro soup. Have some.
 Choi! You know, sometimes it's good to add okra sparingly and just enjoy the soupy soup.Have you tried light okra soup with pounded yam or semovita? It's heavenly.You'll eat so much you forget weight watching. This soup shared  by @enkay_y is my next okra schedule. I licked my screen and nearly broke the tablet. There is beef, goat meat and all the good proteins in there. By looking at this soup, I already know it tastes great.
She captioned it "meal of the day" and explained that this was a special request from her darling
husband. Even okra haters will taste this inviting colourful soup. I will reproduce this by weekend I promise.  I am one good lover of light soups, I enjoy them watery. Will sure create a replica God willing.

If you can't wait till I attempt a carbon copy, Click here to see more okro soup recipes on the blog. OR you try these okra soups


  1. Anonymous6/23/2016

    nice soup. can't wait for weekend.

  2. DEFAULT SMILE6/23/2016

    So many yummy okro soups am confused which to cook. okro is one of my favourite soups after edikaikong.

  3. Lol @ enjoy the "soupy soup". Gosh, thus plate of soup looks so yummy!!!! Why is it so red, palm oil or some tomato? Yummy....


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