How to cook Eight hundred naira afang soup that serves 8

How to cook low cost afang soup
8 hundred naira afang soup served hot.
Don't worry, with the recent high cost of living in Nigeria, we can still cook our favourite delicacies for less. I cooked this pot of afang soup with less than a thousand naira. The time for low cost cooking is now if you don't want to start borrowing, unless you have surplus and to spare sha.
If you can cook afang soup with one thousand naira, isn't God good?
There is no meat in this soup, yet it tasted good and served it's purpose.

  • 3 hundred Naira afang leaves (shredded)
  • 1 hundred Naira waterleaf
  • 3 hundred Naira smoked fish (kpanla)
  • 1 hundred Naira crayfish
I had the following ingredients at home so, didn't buy
  • salt
  • palm oil
  • pepper
  • onion to fry the fish and crayfish with
  • knorr beef seasoning cubes
  • water.

less expensive afang soup to the rescue

Adding vegetables to fried ingredients


  • First I fried my ground crayfish, onion, pepper and fish in oil, checked for seasoning and salt before adding the washed water leaf and well pounded afang vegetables. I didn't squeeze or boil my water leaf but ou are free to do so if you want. I stirred, covered for about 30 seconds, was satisfied with the taste and turned off the heat.
    Enjoy your cheap afang soup.

 If you have more than 3 hundred for fish, just buy Titus fish

 Thick soup can be made light with a little more stock or water

Enjoy my cheap, very pocket friendly vegetable soup.


  1. wao. looks nice. im sure it tastes nice too. well done Aunty Eya

    1. Thanks Seyifunmi, we missed you sis.

  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I had a very small quantity of shredded afang in the fridge that I added to this soup.


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