Two family dogs killed a 3-day-old baby in California after her mother left her on the couch and walked away for a few seconds.
Fresno Police Sgt. Dan Macias tells the Fresno Bee (http://bit.ly/28ZVnQU) the girl's mother had left the door open because it was hot and she thought the dogs were tied up in the back
The baby died at a hospital shortly after the attack Monday.
Macias says the two male dogs, which are believed to be a mix of shar-pei and pit bull are owned by the 33-year-old woman's brother. He surrendered the dogs to the Central California Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. SPCA spokesman Walter Salvari says the dogs will be euthanized.
Macias says police are continuing to investigate and charges have not been ruled out.


  1. I always say that dogs are animals, these creatures might be intelligent but they are not humans. They could have jumped on the couch and landed on the poor child. Accidents happen and while this may be negligence on the mother's part, I wouldn't expect the mother of a 3 day old baby to be perfect. She was only gone for a few seconds.

    My condolences to the family. It must be truly devastating to lose your child just 3 days after labour and all that pregnancy stuff. Terrible.

  2. Anonymous6/28/2016

    Wouldn't leave my new born baby alone with dogs, they are carnivores for heaven's sake.

    1. DEFAULT SMILE6/28/2016

      Sad! The dogs did what animals do. It's the negligent mum that I blame. Why leave a new born with two dogs? I dey craze?


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