Heavily Pregnant In My Dream, Two Other People Had The Same Dream About Me

Good morning aunty Eya, please i have something bothering me that i would
like you to share on your blog. I dreamt that I am heavily pregnant
and two other people had the  exact same dream too which they told me. I'm a
girl of 22 years, not married and not ready for it till I graduate and
I make sure I respect myself when it comes to things about the
opposite sex. I'm  so not pregnant physically I'm confused and worried, is this dream negative or positive.
What can this mean please?


  1. Anonymous5/28/2016

    It doesn't really mean that you are going to be pregnant in real life. It only means a new thing is about to start in your life. So watch out hence forth about a new beginning in your life either in your family, finance or relationship okay. But it's a good thing so just relax your mind and pray ok


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