Fried Beef Tomatoes Stew Cooked With My Frozen Tomatoes

 Fried beef Nigerian tomatoes stew
After I read the old post on how to preserve tomatoes until they are in season again, I learnt something. This stew is cooked with my frozen tomatoes. I just took out only the quantity I needed for the stew. I had to boil them first, the way I make my tomatoes stew, before blending. No, I didn't blend, wanted that type of stew you eat at the village where there are no blenders and tomatoes is coarrsely pounded with mortar and pestle. I used a food processor to get what I want. Fried the tomatoes, then added my well cooked and fried beef so the taste of the stew can simmer in a make the beef yummier. We all know how to cook Nigerian tomatoes stew na. You know my secret for the best tasting Nigerian tomatoes stew already.
Enjoy boiled rice with coarsely chopped tomatoes, pepper stew this weekend.

Nigerian rice and stew


  1. Frozen tomatoes
  2. 2 large sized onion
  3. 2 cups ata rodo ( fresh pepper)
  4. Soya oil
  5. seasoning cubes
  6. Salt
  7. 2kg beef steak part (tozo)
  8. Lettuce to garnish
My frozen tomatoes

 Boiled tomatoes

Boiled tomatoes don't need too much frying to get the taste you want because boiling takes away that sour tomatoes taste.

 Boiled tomatoes in a food processor with onion and ata rodo (fresh pepper)
 Coarsely ground tomatoes in hot oil

 Adding ell fried beef to stew to simmer

Adding the beef stock

Delicious stew
Rice and stew is ready


Happy weekend 
Happy cooking.


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