For just orange?


 I saw this on WhatsApp, read, read again and said "lawyers na wa "

A Professor stepped into a law class and threw an
orange at one of his students and said "Give it
as a gift to any of your friends now".
The boy said to one of his friends: "Tee, I give
this orange to you as a gift".

The Professor gave him a stern look:
"Like a lawyer!". Said the processor.
Immediately, the boy straightened up, cleared his
throat and began:

"I, Stanley Omerfield, adult, male of M16 Stapley

Drive, hereby with all intent and purposes,
wilfully give unto you, Messrs Theodore Billings of
Creepton Street, this citrus with its skin, seeds,
segments, juice and supple innings that you may
exercise actual and proprietary rights thereon, to
hold unto same as a gift, a bequest, an
endowment validly so transferred, given out,
bequested, alienated, assigned, that you may
eat, lick, devour, suck, make juice out of, munch
or grant, give out, devolve, alienate in your
rightful capacity as the owner either in actual,
virtual or constructive capacity of an agent or
attorney as may be chosen by you, that the said
citrus may be treated in the aforementioned
ways or other ways not so listed but not as a
weapon to be thrown at persons or animals with
malicious intent to hurt, inflict pain or serve as
an incendiary action to incite unrest of any kind,
but that the said citrus may be used in such
beneficial capacity or simply be destroyed in such
exercise of legal and equitable ownership as may
be fit by the beneficiary of this bequest".

Can giving out a gift be this tedious?!


  1. Johnson5/22/2016

    Ah! Wondering how a Naija politician would give same orange?

  2. BLOG KING5/22/2016

    A Naija politician goes thus:
    In this orange I'm giving you, there's vitamins, proteins, fat and oil plus carbohydrates. If you vote for me the orange automatically gives you more like five thousand daily for unemployed youths, house allowance for wives. Free monthly petrol for men, schools built on every school for children, free food at aso rock for the less privilege, No more bank charges, free electricity for all. Just vote for me and before you hand over the orange to another ensure you pump it fat with more air.

  3. Anonymous5/22/2016

    My learned friends.

  4. Baby Doctor5/23/2016

    I love legal language.

  5. That's how we roll. Hahahaha!

  6. That's how we roll. Hahahaha!

  7. That's how we roll. Hahahaha!


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