When The Chips Are Down : Bukola Saraki On Trial


 I nearly shed tears today when the the first EFCC witness was making a submission against Saraki. Unlike other days, the courtroom at CCT was very quiet to the extent that you
can hear the sound of a sewing needle. By the time this first witness finished his testimony, I realised why Saraki and his cohorts were doing all they could to stop this trial. In fact, I believe we have just heard a tip of an iceberg, there is more to be revealed about this. Otherwise, how could a person who claimed to be "Clean "
Between 2005 to 2013 deposited N4 billion, with  more than N77million deposited in a day in over 50 transaction daily. Remember Saraki was the governor of Kwara State between 2003 to 2011. What was his business to have been earning N77 million daily and what mean were they using to deposit such huge amount in GTB personal account of Saraki? I suspect that it is public treasury that he was looting.

I could remember that as overall Boss of Societe Generale Bank, he has then the current Governor of Kwara Abdulfatai as GM in Kano Area Branch.  In fact, he was a commissioner during Saraki's tenure and now conveniently become his successor. We can vividly remember how some depositors of this Bank committed suicide because of loosing their life savings, when it collapsed. Some suffered heart attacks and paralyses.  This was blood money siphoned by cliques that are heartless. This speak volumes about the governance in Kwara State~a clique?

On the other hand, I was watching closely the battalion of senators that followed Saraki to CCT. I came to the conclusion that, they are birds of a feather; once the Don falls, they are the next in line of sinners. They are not only supporters but fighting because they are involved in similar siphoning of our Commonwealth. If there is any integrity left, the Senators chaperons would have withdraw their support by now. Nigerians are strongly behind the EFCC and judiciary to assert and apply the rule of law.

I realised that majority of the senators following Saraki do not belong to APC, hence they threaten to substitute him with PDP as Senate President if is removed. What an empty threat against the sovereign people of Nigeria! It doesn't make any difference, neither would it change the agenda of this administration, who ever becomes Senate President. After all, I have already concluded that Senate of Nigeria is in hands of opposition, who have been frustrating Mr President right from inception. From screening of ministers to budget proposal to date. Whoever becomes Senate President will not affect our agenda to support PMB to sanitise the polity of corruption.

If Senate want to assert her integrity Saraki should be allowed to carry his Cross. How could "what is used to measure failed to measure itself "? An important arm of government, legislature, that make laws allow themselves to be drag in the muds, then turn around and demand respect. How could lawmakers, become law~breakers?

The whole world is watching this trial as litmus test on judiciary. It is Nigerian people versus Saraki and Co.  We are determined to support Rule of Law.

Culled: The Lord Is Good


  1. Johnson4/07/2016

    Nigeria is too blessed to be where it is... God is gradually taking away peace from those responsible for our shame. The greatest challenge, in my opinion, is leadership - leadership at all levels. Well, I refuse to kotow in dia pohow!!


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