What Is A Lifestyle Blog?

Who Is A Lifestyle Blogger? 

Hello Aunty Eya, I started following your blog around the time that you took a break to have your baby. Recently, I started my own blog but couldn't continue because I got a job in a bank and the work load cannot combine blogging.  Right now I'm pregnant and planning to leave the job for blogging but wouldn't want to go back to what I  left because that was basically about me and life as a student.  N as a soon to be mom, I like to start a blog that will document my pregnancy journey and family life. What niche is that please?  Am I correct to call myself  a lifestyle blogger?

My sis, start blogging already, time is not waiting. You are a lifestyle blogger.  I know that a lot of people think that lifestyle blogging  is done when you write about your way of life, like daily living and all that, but that's not all. Lifestyle blogging is bigger than just writing about how you
wake up and pray and carry on the rest of the day. A lifestyle blogger covers almost anything and everything.  See, let me explain,  Lifestyle blogging is just like Lifestyle columns on Newspapers, these columns cover Fashion,  Food, Family and Relationship and depending on the paper, some cover even health and fitness.
In blogging, lifestyle encompasses a whole lot of blogging niches:
 DIY and so on. Even travel blogs still fall under lifestyle blogging. I describe Wives Connection as a Lifestyle blog and always like to include that I'm also an African Food blogger because when you say food blogging, most times people just don't remember that African Food is quite different from what we see on International Television. I like to say that I'm a lifestyle and African food blogger so one doesn't come to the blog expecting to see foods that we watch on International TV like Sushi, burgers and all, not that if anyone can cook those and send recipes they won't be featured oh, no I'll publish but what I know that I can comfortably cook  African food with Naija recipes as my specialty sha,  a visitor here will know beforehand that even though Lifestyle blogging includes food, the food one finds on wives connection blog is basically African with more of Nigerian cuisine.

Blogging about your pregnancy and child birth is Lifestyle blogging. Your niche might be personal,  it still falls under Lifestyle blogging so don't be confused. Even when you later decide to share your recipes, Faith, and encouragement with your readers, it's still a lifestyle blog.

A Lifestyle blogger writes and blogs about so so many niches all put together in one place and that's fun.
Welcome to the fun world of blogging. Start Today.