Sex Blogger Takes A Vow Of Abstinence So She Can Find A Serious Man To Date

Nixalina Watson is the founder of Sex & London City, a sex and relationships blog. In an effort to find an honest boyfriend after she was cheated on with two women last year, she has taken and vow of abstinence from sex

Sex blogger Nexalina says that being a sex blogger intimidates men and she wants to abstain for at least a year, which she is already finding very difficult. Let her come to Nigeria and see Christian single ladies abstaining for donkey years with ease sef: Now the blogger feels the bigger her blog gets the worse her dating life becomes. She says 'as I was coined a 'dating expert', my dates disappeared. Guys seem unable to deal with the types of topics I cover'
At the time, I thought it was the best idea I've ever had. 3 months in? The
struggle is real.
Welcome to my vow of no sex.
I'm Nixalina, Founder of London's award winning blog Sex & London City. I assure you, I didn't go to university with the aim of becoming a sex and dating expert - I somehow stumbled into it. Tripped and landed knee deep, in similar fashion to when you fall in love.
I started out as a fashion and beauty writer for a London publication, which led me to start my own blog. I genuinely didn't expect anyone to read my ramblings, so when I started introducing dating features into my fashion blog, I was shocked at the immediate response. 


  1. Good for her. Best of luck.

  2. I read her blog and it's really, REALLY interesting but these London people have no chill.
    Cosmopolitan ran her story and you would think London folks would have found her openness refreshing but they finished her.
    She writes really well though and reminds me a bit of Carrie Bradshaw.


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