Over weight 5 yr old could die at anytime by suffocating on his own fat

Misael Abreu

He is 3 times the size of is friends and has an insatiable appetite. He is a baby that's carrying the size of an adult and that puts his heart under a lot of pressure:A five-year-old boy who weighs more than 12 stone could die at any time by suffocating on his own fat.
Misael Abreu is three times the size of his friends and has an insatiable appetite.
His concerned parents say their son often stops breathing in his sleep and they are
terrified of losing him.
Dad Manoel, 38, said: “He is a baby carrying an adult’s weight. His heart must be under a lot of pressure.”
Doctors think he has rare Prader-Willi syndrome, which leaves him constantly hungry.
Misael Abreu
Image: Gabrielle Lordello


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