My Wife's Menopause, Mood Swings, How Do I Handle Them?

Hi Mrs Eya, good evening and remain blessed for the awesome platform on wives connection. I need help from the forum please. I loved my wife many years ago when I found her and still do,  but her moods are getting me down. This her mood swing s is not a recent development and I have been able to cope all these years but it's getting to me now.
Years ago, she would go into moods with little reason and would not talk to me
for days and in the worst instances weeks, while we continue to live under the same roof and maybe same bedroom though when in those bad moods, she opts between the guest room and our room..
Now when she goes in a mood (like today, it's because I went out with friends and came back empty handed, with no suya or something for her) she'll come out of it in a day or two.I really don't know if my wife has low self esteem or just born that way. I complement her often but she usually can't accept a complement and makes a negative comment to any complement I give her.
However, I've asked her to think about this, that her moods affect me and the disruption it causes. Her answer is that she can't help the way she feels, that she's going through the menopause, and she's not as bad as I think. However, the moods really get me down. I have asked her to go to a  praer warrior for deliverance but she won't. Thankfully none of m kids are this way but I'm still disturbed.
Am I overreacting? If so, how can I deal with it? I'm Clueless.


  1. Baby Doctor4/19/2016

    It can't be menopause if she has been doing it all these years. She does it because it is an effective way of controlling your behaviour and making you do what she wants. Think about it- do you make decisions based on fear of her sulking? Why should lack of suya make a grown woman sulk for days??? She needs to grow up. Maybe counseling will help.


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