I Need Help With My Marriage

Hello Madam Eya, I am a male reader of wives connection, a husband. After all there can't be wives without husbands. I love the blog so much and it's my go to blog whenever am Online or want to feel at home. My wife and I are Nigerians even though we do not live in the country. We have been together for for 8 years we got married after 2 years of knowing ourselves and dating here in the US. I had a one night fling with someone before we got married which she later found out about but we managed and I thought to get past that but obviously not, she still
keeps bringing it up, checking my phone, my Facebook and recently even set up a fake Facebook profile to chat me up which I was unaware of at the time but she didn't get the response she hoped for. I had a second one night a few years back due to myself and my wife being in a bad place and the love I felt had gone which is no excuse but I thought it was over.  Our relationship then picked up a little but now it's just swings and roundabouts all the time I don't know what to do. I know we can get marriage counselling but she is not interested. I have pleaded but she insists not interested yet our relationship is not great in any way.


  1. Frances4/09/2016

    If you conFess and forsake your sins Mr poster, then can you find mercy. When you are truly repentant, your wife will know. Fling today, catch tomorrow Kor? Can you take what you are Dishing out to her? She is no longer interested in making it work with you, she is only there because of her growing children perhaps. You so insensitive, so callous and domineering. Continue to beg you might just be lucky. If I were her, I'll create another Facebook profile with an attractive celebrity picture and make a fool of you. Anu ofia USA.

  2. Anonymous4/09/2016

    Aunty Eya please edit the post. Oga you need the fear ofGod in your life. You live in a country where women are respected yet you behave like one local Naija man living here. Please respect your wife cos you don't deserve her. Cheated on her twice. She should divorce you sharply and claim those your dollars abi money I no dey?

  3. Divine4/09/2016

    Negodu, just passing

  4. The write up don't sound like he is truly sorry. This O P lives in America yet reasons like a proper cheating Naija husband. Mtchewww

  5. Anonymous4/10/2016

    Please let's be a bit gentle. Mr poster, if you are willing to make your marriage work u have to earn her trust. EARN! Start by becoming very transperent I always say if u have nothing to hide why can't us wives have your passwords?? Give her ur password, tell her what u are doing, infact bore her with overdose of you! Na she go tire comot eye for your mata after she is satisfied. We women are FBI o, we will still know anyways with or without passwords. U have to constantly be sober for hurting her and reassure her u won't derail again. She needs to know you are worth making it work that is why she is refusing counselling. She is hurting and really be humble enough to make things right. Unless u too want to end things pls go woo back the heart of your wife and kindly keep your penis to her only!


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