5 Foods Nigerian Men Love

 Not Burgers. 
Not Toast

Most Nigerian men can swallow fufu every day, 7 days a week if you know how to serve with different delicious soups. Just change the soup, not egusi everyday or vegetable soup 24/7. 

The gate way to a Naija man's heart is delicious, a bit peppery soups. When you walk into any good eatery and glance around,  what do you see before nearly all the men? Eba and soup, Semovita and soup, pounded yam and soup, pounded yam with soup, starch with soup, wheat, amala with soup and so on. Even  at events, many of our menseriously eye swallow but only few actually request for because they don't like fork and knife in fufu and soup.  If there was a way to wash hands, get some privacy and dig fingers into the fufu, there will be no left overs. 

1. Beverage and bread for breakfast, could be ovaltine, milo, Bournvita
or even pronto,  not coffee or tea sha.  Make the beverage with plenty of milk preferably evaporated milk like peak,  serve in a large mug with some sardines or corned beef to go with the sliced bread. He'll leave for work sweating and smiling. 

2. For lunch, sometimes rice but when they discover where good soups are served,  can drive 10 kilometres to go eat lunch. Most eateries these days make you eat with a frown, no value for money. It's either that the soup is cooked plain with just beef nama meat and Maggi or too peppery or just somehow not balanced,  in that case they manage rice and wait to eat swallow dinner,  that's why you must try your best to cook well as that dinner might be the only good meal he is eating. 

3. Fufu and soup is heavy,  a few man can't swallow fufu at  dinner,  mine inclusive. However, majority Naija men love to go home to a food warmer waiting on the dinner table with correct soup that's cook with meat, smoked catfish,  large chunks of kpomo and a sharp balanced taste. 

4. Pepper soup is another delicacy of most Naija men, when they sit with friends on weekends,  what's the menu?? If it's not pepper soup/ nkwobi with some red wine, then it's is equipped or fish pepper soup or even chicken pepper soup. If you can cook very well,  all the various Nigerian pepper soups,  then your husband is feeding well.  Some wi prefer  and love it if 3 very weekend,  they ate served with a steamy bowl of pepper soup and you know what?  He might just changing his mind from going to join some friends somewhere because what he wanted to go enjoy at Sokoto is right in the pocket of his Sokoto. 

5. Meats,  assorted.  Beef, chicken,  Bush meat, etc.  They love to chew meat that's well seasoned and soft.  If you need your husband to lose the pot belly,  it's possible even without letting him know.  Learn to grill. Make the carbs small increase the protein content and he is full. If you think your Nigerian Husband doesn't like meat, get a pressure cooker,  add more onion and salt,  then just watch him enjoy.
To please your Naija man,  don't  stress too much trying to serve hotdogs and burgers and Sushi and Chinese chicken soup.  Google wives connection soups and blow him away.