Best Lunchbox For Nigerian School Lunch

Please ma'am Eya I want help with the best lunch box that can retain the hotness of food for my kids lunch,honestly speaking I'm tired of buying fake and those that can not retain the hotness of food,many
Times my kids brings back their foods cos it gets too cold to be eaten,pls help me ask my co wives connection readers cos I want to buy one before school resumes on Monday. Thanks.
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  1. , Have you tried Masterchef or Milton products? My kids lunch stays smoking hot until break period. Those ones that come all in one set, the plastic ones, they hardly keep warm

  2. Anonymous4/06/2016

    Haers foodflask is good too. The food will even be too hot for the kids when they are ready to eat...

  3. They are too much fake Haers in the market nowadays ooo


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