Benefits of fifty percent tithe

Good evening Anty Eya, please help me ask the house a question that has been bothering me for some weeks. Don't post my name please Anty. What are the benefits if I pay fifty percent tithe to the


  1. Johnson4/17/2016

    NONE! The moment you are looking for benefits, you've lost it completely... The primary motive for our giving, including paying tithes should be our love for God.

  2. You cannot trade currency with God, neither can you involve him in any buying and selling for profits. God doesn't buy your money or sell to you. Why should he? When he OWNS EVERYTHING, including you. God cannot be bribed. When you get involved in any form of Kingdom giving, you giving because you love God and want to support his work on earth. God doesn't need your money to buy gold or shoes and his blessings are not based on your financial muscle at church. Give and it shall be given unto you does not include percentage of profit.

    If you want to give 50% to support Kingdom business on earth, that's from your heart and you shouldn't expect that 50% will yield a hundred or million percent, there is no connection in any way. God loves a cheerful giver so if you want to give him 50% out of compulsion or because you feel he is taxing you, then I don't know. Give in appreciation and love not as doing trade by barter with God.

  3. Anonymous4/17/2016

    I disagree with you all... There is nothing wrong with expecting much when u give much... To whom much is giving much is expected and to whoever that gives much will like receive much.

    Remember that the expectations of the righteous shall not be cut, so I see nothing wrong wit paying more than the recommended tithe and expecting more in return

    1. No no no no, I disagree with you kpata kpata, you cannot give much money to church to receive much money in return. That's not scriptural. Those are doctrines of men and not Christ. God loves a cheerful giver, when he gave us his only son, was he expecting something bigger in return? What do we have that can be bigger than Christ? God never said that if you want 10 million Naira, then give me 1 million. He showeth mercy on whom he will. He desires that we prosper and be in good health even as OUR SOUL PROSPERETH. God really doesn't need us investing our money on him, he doesn't need it but WE need it to propagate the gospel here on earth, we need the money to evangelize and carry out church projects, HE DOESN'T NEED THAT MONEY. If we can give him ourselves completely, he prefers that and if we seek first his kingdom, we won't need to think of bribing him to bless us with bigger amounts. Seek first his kingdom, give ourselves wholeheartedly to him and ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO US, and he shall SUPPLY ALL "OUR NEEDS" not our long throat for worldliness o.

    2. We cannot loan money to God and expect interest in return oh. Give because ou love God, give in obedience to his word, give because you want to see meat in the house of God, give because the labourers in God's house should not go hungry or naked. Give because you just want to give something. When we give, it shall be given unto us, yes but not like bank loan with interest. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

  4. Anonymous4/17/2016

    Read Malachi 3:10-12

  5. Johnson4/18/2016

    @ Anonymous, I am familiar with d scripture u quoted and had to read it again.., we cannot be ‘over-familiar’ with God.
    In order not to loss focus; the poster asked “what are the benefits if I pay 50% tithe to the church?” My response again is that if the reason for paying 50% is for d benefit, then you have started on the wrong foot. However, there are numerous benefits that comes with giving and paying tithe...
    Should we be expectant…? Absolutely! Our expectation is coming from knowing that our God is a rewarder but not because we have worked for it & deserve it. It all boils down to JESUS and loving Him and wanting to show/express our love for Him... My point is – the motive behind what we do will determine the benefits that we get, if any. Some people already have their benefits given to them by men… So paying 50% might give you prominent seat in the church - there's nothing for God to give in this case.


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