This Father Needs Psychiatric Checks. Something Is Definitely Wrong

If you were this boy's mom, what would you do?

A father brutalizes his son this way? physical tears just dropped from my eyes while looking at this pics on LIB. What would an 8 year old do to warrant this kind of brutality?

8 years old Chukwuma Okafor is presently on admission at the Kubwa General Hospital
after his father brutally beat him, left cane marks on his body and a fractured hand and leg.

According to Facebook user, IG Wala who shared the photos, after beating him, Ebuka's father took him to school and dumped him there. Worried by his state, his teachers contacted a Nun who rushed him to the General Hospital in Kubuwa, Abuja. After undergoing series of X-ray, the result revealed he has fracture on his leg and hand as a result of beating with a strong object which the boy confirmed to be a pestle.

Incidentally, Hassan Maina Kaina, a reporter with VOA Hausa was in the hospital to check on his friend. He saw the boy's condition and encouraged that the matter should be reported to the Police.

The school reported the matter to the Police in Kubuwa and Mr. Okafor (his father) has been arrested for child abuse. The school teachers confirmed that on several occasions, they made effort to intervene on the boy's situation but the father proved stubborn and even threatened them. The scars on the boy's head & back shows how long he has been maltreated by his own father.

Ebuka's father claims he is a disciplinarian and that his arrest by the police over the matter is an example of the kind of embarrassment his 8 year old son brings to his family. He is yet to state what his son did to warrant such beating.

Just look at his innocent face ehn. Too young to experience this brutality for whatsoever reason. This Father must be sick. If only this country had gotten to that level where the Social Services can just come take custody of this child. 

I am wondering, if his mother is still married to this man, what can she do. When this level of violence is leashed out on a child, what can a mother do? Anyone knows?


  1. God hve mercy,wat sort of stupid disciplinarian,may God punish him,infact let d police make sure he suffers very well b4 realising him.

  2. oh my God, this is insane. only a mad man can do this, pls they should make sure they don't return this boy to that beast oh

  3. Anonymous3/03/2016

    I thank God of heaven that this boy did not die. He should be removed from this animal. where is his mother? cant she intervene on his sons behalf. If she is alive or around and chose not to do anything, she too should be apprehended, my calculation is that she is not a good mother except if she is dead or have left the animal.

    what can an eight year old child do to warrant such treatment?, where is his fatherly love, when he is brutalising this child , doesn't he cry, wail wriggle in pain and does it mean that his own sons pain , agony and cry does not touch his hearth. this is so sad. this child should be removed from such situation before he kills him.this is no discipline but sheer wickedness , lack of love and human empathy.

  4. Not just a psychiatrist but he should be beaten dis way.

  5. What a wicked father!


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