Should I Confront Him At The Spot Or Call My Friend?

Hello Aunty Eya, I'm typing this mail from my phone at an eatery somewhere far away. My very good friend recently got a public
proposal from her boy friend of 2 years. We were all there and drank to stupor. She thinks he is the best thing that happened to this Milennium and has fixed a date to go shopping for a wedding gown with a few of us her friends.

Right this moment, I am somewhere cooling off as per say I still dey pray for my Mr Right. Lo and behold my friends fiance walks in with this babe who almost resembles my good friend. I'm tempted to invite her over to see things for herself but she's far away and there is traffic. I want to go confront and embarrass him right now but I don't know if my friend will like that. What should I do? Urgent please.


  1. Sorry Poster. I just found your mail in my spam box. Hope it's not late?

  2. Johnson3/01/2016

    Walk to them & get some introduction. Start by introducing yourself as a friend to the guy's fiancee.
    Wait - una drink to stupor bcos he proposed? All of una need deliverance...

    1. Hahahahahaaaa na real deliverance

  3. I pray the guy knows what he did during d introduction ooo n hope he didn't do cos of influence of alcohol. No point calling ur frnd after all u ain't sure if he is doing anything with d one u just saw.

  4. Very tricky. Why don't you take pictures of them together without even alerting them or do a video of the two of them. Then speak to your friend about it and please don't advise her to break off the relationship or she'll think you're jealous. Just tell her that she should trash things out with her boo.

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  5. I tink u should jst walk up to dem and in pretence ask d guy about his fiancee den his response and action wil tell u wat to do nxt


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