Reality Star In Tears Following Cruel Comments About The Shape Of Her Ears

Jasmin Walia

She says I hate my ears but was born like that:
The reality TV babe, who admitted she cried after reading nasty comments about her appearance, says she is ready to fight back and will NOT be going
under the knife to change her ears.
In a defiant post, the 25-year-old wrote: “People constantly pick on the smallest things about me yes I know my ears are not my best part! I hate them a lot trust me! No one has to remind me which is why you always see I never wear my hair up and always wear it down because I hate the fact that people always point it out.”
while many reality stars feel the need to have cosmetic surgery to correct their slight imperfections, Jasmin is not going to bow to the pressure.
“I was born like that and that's how god created me ! I'm not gonna go and have plastic surgery as much as I have contemplated it I don't want too,” she mused.
“Even if I did have surgery certain sad people will find my next flaw and probably go on about that which means I would constantly have to change. Well I'm sorry but I want to stay natural and I couldn't care less what people say about me because beauty comes within and who you are as a person.”
The stunning brunette, who is dating fellow reality star Ross Worswick, went on to admit that she regularly feels down about the way she looks and thinks about making the changes.
She concluded: “Sorry about the rant just had to say this because I have been feeling a bit insecure about myself recently even if I do post 1000 selfies of myself... I suppose im Tryna stay confident! But anyways f*** it you #positivemind #positivevibez #positiveyou.”


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