My Good Friday Lunch Is...

Rice and beans with stew, garnished with some carrots.
 To cook rice and beans together, it's best to let beans boil for at least 40
minutes before adding the washed rice and some salt . Basmati rice cooks fast so, I waited an extra 5 minutes before adding. Eating my lunch as I reflect on the crucifixion of my Lord and Saviour. What are you having?
 Boiled beans for 45 minutes before adding washed basmati rice

Join me, I hear Christians don't eat meat on Good Friday so, I eat kpomo

 Stew for rice and beans

 Lunch was great! God be praised. The carrots tasted really good too.

What's your Good Friday Lunch? Did you eat meat or not?


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  1. I ate meat ooo,dnt believe in all those doctrine. Am yet to see where it is in d bible. So to me it's human being doctrine.

  2. Anonymous3/25/2016

    Looks good.


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