In crisis situation,  the needs for shelter and food are often given urgent attention.  Sadly, the specific needs of women and girls are often ignored.  According to the International Displacement Monitoring Center, there are an estimated 2,152,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Nigeria as of 31 December 2015. Among them, women and girls have heightened needs- including the need for protection from gender-based violence,  health and hygiene needs.
For many of us, buying sanitary products is as easy as buying
bread. This is not the case for millions of women displaced by Boko Haram extremism. Imagine being in the shoes of an IDP who has fled her home with nothing. Having traveled miles, now in a restrictive IDP camp and also having to deal with her menstrual period. The chronic pains, the humiliating menstrual stains on their limited clothing supplies... These women are under grave stress and to suffer the humiliation of not having the basic needs at that time of the month is no indignity any woman should experience.

8th of March is International Women's Day. To commemorate this day, Steps to Life Nigeria (Human Rights NGO) came up with the theme: "Celebrating Women, Restoring Dignity." As a woman, I have an idea how difficult personal hygiene is for women who stay in IDP camps. People donate to the IDP camps, but often don't donate sanitary items. This is not luxury,  they are basic needs for every woman. We need to help our Nigerian women displaced by Boko Haram extremism regain their strength and dignity in such a trying time.
For a start, on March 8th, our aim is to provide displaced women in IDP camps with Dignity Packs ( Sanitary Pads, Bathing Soap, Washing Soap, Pomade, Under wears...) to allow them a sense of dignity at a time when they need it most. Every woman deserves access  to safe and hygienic sanitary products. We humbly plead that you kindly donate to this cause, to help some of the most vulnerable women and girls.  No amount is too small. Every token will put a smile on a displaced woman's face. They lost their homes, properties and families, by our inaction, they must not lose their dignity. 

Yours in selfless service to humanity,
Cecilia Oluwafisayo Aransiola
Programs Manager STLN
Women Deliver Young Leader


  1. Wow.. so touching,pls how do one donate?


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