I Made Dad Give My Boyfriend A Job, My Parents Feel Strongly About Me Ending It With Him, Should I Listen To Them?

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me cuz am in a fix right now about my boyfriend, my recent feelings and my parents. I have been in this relationship for 2 years, he is 28 while am 25 years old. Ok, I
expected that by this time in our relationship, my boyfriend should be earning money and be self sufficient but it's not happening soon. In 2015, I made my father give him a job to enable him make money and at least move forward from there, he made so much money yet couldn't establish any business or start a trade for himself and that is where I started wondering if that is how we are going to continue.  If no job is forth coming, I expected him to think outside the box, to think like a man and do something tangible. Sha, he is very caring and nice to me as an individual but when he visits, I don't like how he relates with my younger siblings, he talks to them disrespectfully with no restrain. He uses words that I don't like, like he can call my baby sister "stubborn and ignorant" and it just doesn't feel right.

I have a job, he is jobless, I am worried about him but he doesn't seem to really care and is content just sitting there and playing video games like there is no tomorrow. Though he makes me laugh and feel good most of the time, in recent times, just speaking with him pisses me off. I feel like we are in different places in life and I want him to be here with me but he is not trying hard. I know I love him and wouldn't mind spending my life with him but not without a source of making money. 

This March, my mom and sister have started telling me that they feel he doesn't treat me right but I don't necessarily see it that way. The biggest thing is his trying to sleep with me even when I have told him repeatedly that I won't drop my purity ring for any reason. My mom feels like I deserve something better for a relationship and when I try to think about it, I get a bit confused like I don't know what's really the right thing to do.


  1. Anonymous3/18/2016

    Dump him.

  2. Anonymous3/18/2016

    Dump him fast.

  3. Confused by the post. Your parents help him with a job, yet he is jobless? OK maybe a temp job. Anyway he is not ready to Face LIFE yet. D way he talks to your siblings is who he is take note. If you sure you can't have a future with him REASON dt he is not hardworking etc den think of moving on. If at 28 he can't draw a plan den I wonder. Video games is for leisure time mbok.

  4. Lastly if you allow him take your PURITY hehehe u on your own oooooo. Better go to Treasury house and keep it TIGHT. Lol.

  5. Just tell him u are tired of him behaving like a woman and you as a man,he should step up and be the man of the house,he wants to sleep with u for what reasons,so if u get pregnant in the process he will be able to feed you and the baby cos definitely u will stop work for some weeks or month.

  6. Anonymous3/18/2016

    My dear, he is still in "baby boy" mode. As someone stated, the way he treats your siblings is who he truly is. Your mom and sister are right there ia something more beautiful out there for you. A relationship shouldnt be one-sided! He just isnt ready to be responsible, dont put yourself through the stress of grooming a full grown ma especially when he isnt even bothere.

    On to the next my dear

  7. Johnson3/18/2016

    Time is revealing some of his weaknesses... How does he see his future? Is he working to achieve set goals? Has he, even, proposed or both of you are just there - thinking proposal will depend on getting a permanent job? Assuming he gets a job and you guys get married; do you see him doing something else if he looses the job?
    The red flags you seeing are serious warning signs. Don't ignore them. Challenge him and see his reaction.

  8. amakandidi3/18/2016

    Dump him he's a lazy man who just want to depend on you for the rest of his life. Just let him go for good as your mum & sis said the earlier the better.

  9. Please that guy is not for you. How can he disrespect your siblings. He sits on a video game. Dont marry a man that isn't success driven. Am talking from experience, I'm a married woman and I know what am saying. Dont unless he changes.

  10. Anonymous3/18/2016

    Dump him fast. But not in a disrespectful way. You are a girl so you will know the right words to use.

  11. Dump him fast. But not in a disrespectful way. You are a girl so you will know the right words to use.

  12. amakandidi3/18/2016

    you should dump him, he's not a serous minded man, he's a lazy man who just want to depend on you for the rest of his life, don't be surprise he doesn't even know what he wants in life, dose he have a dream? as in where he would like to be in the next 2-3yrs from now? please take your mum & sister's advise, the earlier the better.


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