Good Businesses For A Stay At Home Mom In Lagos

Hello Aunty Eya how is the family? Am an ardent reader of wives connection o and there is no day I don't refresh this site. only if I don't have Internet ... Please I want you to post this
on for me anonymously : Please my fellow wives and all. What business can a stay at home mum do with thirty thousand naira and will yield well.. Tired of asking every penny from Dear husband .. Want my independence..I stay around Lekki Ajah  axis.... Thanks


  1. BV your post concerns me too.Am a stay at home mom(with 2kids)am based in ph,I need a business I can start with 500k.I need my independence back,a sense of fulfillment,nd able to pay tithe at church from my own hustle.please mums nd wives help us ooohh...aunty eya help!!

  2. Ice Block, drinks, do you have any hand work? Like baking etc, erm not a business person tho I think dt all I can come up for now.

  3. Johnson3/16/2016

    @Ifeyinwa & poster, all depends on your neighborhood. Brandy's idea are good cos you will not lose your money provided the items (drinks for example) are not perishable. If you have neighbors & fairly good power supply, make use of your fridge. Selling cold pure-water in bags becomes a good idea and you can subsequently expand as time goes on.
    Learning a craft is good - sewing, hair-making, etc. Something you can do from home...
    Ifeyinwa, since u're in PH, checkup this site:

  4. There are lots of business opportunities for stay at home moms, for more details , do read my posts on online businesses for female entrepreneurs.

  5. Baking is a good idea you can easily leatn it if you dont already know how. So you can make chin chin, pies, cup cakes for school chidren in your area. You can also do fruit selling. There was a lady who used to bring that to my former office then. She cuts different fruits like 3pieces of pineapple, watermelon,coconut, apple etc in a plastic container and she always finishes the big bags she brings. people are moving away from soft drinks and have fruits instead so you can go to offices in your area during lunch break. Start very small to check if it works. You can learn bead making, women have occassions to attend almost every week.They will need to have beads to either go with their gele or wrapper lol. There are places where they teach people how to make washing soap, candles, chalk and stuff like that for an affordable amount dont know if you have such around you try and ask.You can learn how to fix nails, You can do home service for people but make sure its cheaper than what they will get elsewhere. If you are good at it and not too pricey those you have done for will be recommending you to their friends.

  6. Dnt knw of those areas buh when I strted my handbags bizness,i strted with 30k,i pick frm d importers and go and mkt dem in banks,schools and friends. And I can tell u dt u will reap d gain too if u work hard,evn I could jst meet one person on d road and strt telling d person about my handbags,surprisingly d bizness is moving well now to d glory of God,so maybe u check if u can strt it up too.

    1. Anonymous3/17/2016

      @stephenie..please am interested in original bag selling for banker.. How do contact the importers..pls this is my email

  7. f you love interaction, communication and sales, you can identify a good multi level marketing platform in Nigeria and then start building your network. It is usually not a get rich quick scheme but one that requires hardwork, intelligence, patience and resilience . With time, you would realise that you have been able to build a strong source of income for yourself. Please note, i said "a good multi level marketing platform" that has a good compensation plan and achievable targets. I am currently on one of the platforms and it's been great. Good luck to you!

  8. Thanks all for ur suggestions.this term is over nd easter hols is here,by next term I will be adventurous with some of ur suggestions.thanks again!!

  9. Hi eya, i am also a stay at home mom, and now a business mom now. This source might help business mom at home


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