What Nigerian Man Will Marry A Woman That Doesn't Like To Cook? Step Forward

Good day Aunty Eya, Good day WC family.  I've been with my boyfriend for almost 4 years and we've been doing great. He's very ready to get married. I'm not the most domestic girl around town nor am I anywhere near being a traditional wife, but I know that's the kind of wife he wants. I went to a boarding school, never really spent time at home. Then proceeded to a private university. I know I can cook but there's no interest. I used to love to cook with mom as a child but not anymore. I don't like to cook or stay in the kitchen and I keep asking myself what Nigerian man will want to marry a wife that doesn't like to cook? With time may be I'll begin to feel differently but right now I'm not in a cooking mood.

 In being his girlfriend, I feel like I've given up my individuality. I think I've given all that I'm willing to give and if

we get married, more will be expected of me. Normally, I wouldn't mind just telling him that I'm not ready but he received a similar response from a previous relationship. He never brought up marriage again in that relationship and ended the relationship some months later. I don't want to lose him but I don't want to marry him, at least not right now...and I don't know when or if I'll want to. Am I being selfish?


  1. Sweetheart from my own understanding you know how to cook but u are just being lazy and until u advise yourself nothing will change. You re being selfish!holding to a man that you know you ain't ready to settle down with yet when you know that's what he wants right now,If you really love these guy,you will sacrifice a whole a lot for you to marry him but you are not matured enough in d mind for marriage please don't get into what u will regret,tell your man how u feel,if he can wait till u re ready fine but if he can't den let him go. Dnt be in a relationship because you pity dt person, advise ur self on what you want because is only then you can make up your mind. Cheers

  2. Johnson2/18/2016

    Except he's not the kind of man u want, he can/will make u change some of this care-free attitude.
    The same thing works the other way - some guys just wanna have fun and they meet a lady that is serious about settling down. If the lady is serious, she can make the guy man-up; except the man does not see her as a future partner.
    As for the cooking matter - there's no one answer fit all. There are people who get cooks for the family. However, every woman should be able to do the basics...

  3. Thank you Bros Jay u said it all. @poster u ain't ready for marriage, just let him go keep emotions aside.

  4. Anonymous2/18/2016

    so she is not ready for marriage because she doesnt like cooking??? Madam poster please you should never give up your individuality for any relationship. If you feel like you are losing yourself then something is wrong somewhere. If you love this man you should be ready to do alot for him if you are not ready to do so then maybe you dont love him enough. Alot of women are married but either dont cook or dont like cooking and their marriages still work

  5. Anonymous2/18/2016


  6. I used to think i dont like cooking but since i got married i have never failed in that area. Even hubby keeps praising me that i am a good cook and always looking after him.


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