Important Medical Tests Before Getting Married

Hello Aunty Eya, thank you for this forum that has taught me so much in life. God bless all friends of wives connection blog, their comments have been of immense help. Ok, I need another help please. My fiance and I are getting married this year. We are planning to go for HIV test and Genotype too. I need to know if there are other important medical tests we need to undergo before
the wedding.  Please I need to know as soon as possible, we do not want to take any chances. Aunty Eya please help me post it anonymously. My elder sister has an SS child and it's really affecting all of us so, I want to take every precaution to possibly avoid all avoidable ish.
Thank you in advance.


  1. Number 1 is fertility test.

  2. Anonymous2/27/2016

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  3. Johnson2/27/2016

    Poster, if u & your fiancee don't know ur genotype at this stage, u might be heading for a shocker! I just hope u're both not AS..., na one go bi like entering 'one-chance'.
    Everybodi wey dey plan to marry must know genotype b4 you even meet your guy/babe - this is 1st #1... However, pregnancy test is depends on where (church) u're planning to wed.
    @Poster - if I may ask, why are u thinking of the tests to do? The important thing at this stage is being right with God and being open with the person you want to marry & vice-versa.

  4. Baby Doctor2/27/2016

    If you have been sexually active then you should both be screened for sexually transmitted infections. These tend to be asymptomatic in women and can cause long term problems like infertility. Your doctor will know exactly which tests to do.

  5. Anonymous2/28/2016

    Hepatitis A or B , genotype, blood group, HIV,sexually transmitted disease


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