How To Plan A Three Hundred Thousand Naira Budget Wedding Including Trad, Registry,Church

Hello Aunty Eya, please help me post this on the blog. I need help with planning a budget wedding. I have searched online, searched the blog for older posts and what I can find is a budget for a five hundred thousand Naira Budget Wedding. My fiance and I cannot raise that much this time. We both just started working and we don't want to delay any further because of funds.

 We have been dating for 5 solid years, delays caused by lack of funds, now that we have both gotten jobs at least, we do not want to delay to another year. I want to start making my babies next year latest. Home and abroad right now all we have is three hundred K, is it impossible to have everything done as in Traditional, Church Wedding and Registry with this amount? We are looking at a hundred guests or less. Is that amount ok?


  1. New Momm2/12/2016

    Very very possible if you can take your eyes of flashy and be level headed. Most importantly is the Food, wedding venue can still be used for reception, so you have saved some money. Hire a wedding dress or loan from a friend for free. Invite less than a hundred because you know Naija's will come with extra mouths.
    Like Aunty Eya posted once, I'll search for the link and give you: that you can do everything in one day to save from the stress of planning 3 different receptions, 3 outfits etc. You can do Registry in the morning while the venue is being set for the Trad. Wear your wedding dress to the Registry for pics o, let the pastor be invited there too so he can join you in prayer and ring exchange.
    Return back home, settle for the trad and let reception take place there after the trad. You just killed 3 birds with one stone. Your invitation should be to the trad where reception will hold. Court is for just witnesses and a pastor. My 2 cents.
    Happy wedding!!!

    1. New Momm2/12/2016

      If you follow this method, you are only going to spend on food and drinks saving you a whole lot of stress and expenditure. Rememnber dollar has gone up against the Naira, so be wise my sister, life goes on after the wedding day. It worked for me and we are happily married today.

    2. I applaud how succinctly you've detailed this out.
      God bless you for this suggestion.

  2. Anonymous2/12/2016


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    1. Anonymous2/12/2016

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  3. Anonymous2/12/2016

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  4. Rejoice4Sam2/12/2016

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  5. Hello poster,
    If you are Igbo, go to your villa and do your white wedding in the church then for reception, do the traditional wedding so in this case, you've jumped the whole hall rental and stuff. The registry is pretty easier as you can go to the registry with just a few people, your parents and his parents and I heard that in some registries you don't need to spend more than fifteen thousand naira for everything.
    It all takes planning. If you are not igbo and don't need to go to the village for your trad, then do the trad and white together in one day by doing the church wedding and for reception, you can do it as a traditional marriage in your parents house or any affordable hall like a school compound. I know that government schools charge a token fee as hall venues.
    Good luck.

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  6. I would suggest you do court wedding and reception after.

  7. I would suggest you do court wedding and reception after.

  8. Plan to do everything in one day, that way you have only one reception.

  9. Cake 20, 000
    Dress rented: 10, 000
    Venue: Father's compound
    Rings: 5,000 later you can get better rings
    Food: Half bag rice = 5000,00
    2 cartons chicken: 20,ooo, Oil= 5,000, ingredients-20,000, Soft drinks 5 crates= 13,000, malt 5 crates= 13,000, Wine 1 carton= 15,000
    Suit: 10,000
    Shoes: 15000+ 20,000
    Hair: 15,000
    TOTAL =186 000

    You have extra 110, 000 to fix in other places like paying for Registry, bride price etc, for a successful wedding. Discuss with your parents beforehand, explain to them tat you and hubby are just starting life, he doesn't have much yet.

  10. Come and take wedding gown o. If ur in abj about tho.

  11. Anonymous2/13/2016

    That's so kind of you Sandra.Thank you so much, I'll contact you and look for any my friends travelling to Abuja. You are God sent. I'm not in Abuja. Sokoto.

  12. Hi Aunty Eya... So, I am planning to do both trad and white weddings same day and I am Igbo. So, I will Go to church in the morning then have the traditional as reception. Now, I had a n argument with someone regarding cutting a wedding cake instead of the traditional cake during the traditional wedding meanwhile my fiance and i want to do it the other way round...cutting the traditional cake instead. And the lady said that her way is the way it is done everywhere to mark the end of the white wedding. For my fiancé and I, the white wedding will be for the blessing with close family only. My question, is she right, is the wedding cake cut instead of the traditional cake? Thank you for your response.

    1. it's not about your friend or anyone else. It's your day, do it the way you and the groom have agreed on. The most important thing is that you are husband and wife and your guests are well taken care of. Cutting of any cake isn't the most important aspect of any wedding. Have fun, do what is comfortable and makes you happy.


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