Watching My Wife Give Birth To Our Son Put Me Off For a Year- A husband confesses

Martin Daubney with his wife Diana and his son Sonny

Neither of us said anything, but I could sense we were thinking the same thing. As we lay there, side-by-side in the darkness, a chasm was growing between us.
I longed to reach over and draw my wife  to my side, but something stopped me. I felt frozen to the spot, my stomach in knots and my heart pounding.
The problem? We hadn’t had sex for more than a year and the longer we left it, the higher
the hurdle became.

What’s worse, we were both too uptight to talk about it. So, night after night, we lay in silence, our bodies not even touching.
For ten years, our sex life had been great. But then she gave birth to our son, and things ground to a halt.
You might think loss of libido after having a baby is far from unusual, to be expected even; most women understandably focus their energies on their newborn, too tired to think of anything else.
But the lack of intimacy in our decade-long marriage was down to me, not my wife..

And the reason? Witnessing our son’s birth had turned me off sex altogether.
My wife and I have lost count of the number of couples we know who have separated after having a child. 
At least three of my friends have admitted to leaving their wives as a result of their dwindling sex lives.
I truly believe couples would have more chance of normal intimacy after a birth if husband's saw less of their wife's delivery trauma.