Reply from Mom Who Wants To Abort Her 4 Month Pregnancy

Thank you for your reply Madam. When I say my situation is deep, believe me it is really deep. I had three daughters and decided to try number four for my "boy", despite my husband's insistence that we were done with kids. Guess what I am carrying now; twin girls!

I fasted, prayed, sowed seed but for where? All I asked God for all my life was one son, just one! How do I now face the world with five girls? In this harsh economic situation, how do I fend for them if my husband refuses to care for them? Must life always be this cruel? Really, i'm cool with my three daughters I
just don't want this pregnancy anymore. Even if I want to give them up for adoption, how do I go about it as a married woman? What do I tell my husband I did with the kids or where so I tell my in-laws my kids went to?

You really have to understand how depressed this pregnancy has made me be. I don't think I can go through the second half knowing there are two more girls in there. I don't sleep at nights again. If I develop BP issues, who will look after my other kids?

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  1. Dear poster, I ask that you listen to me and read carefully.

    The African society has made us (women) feel incomplete without the male child. This is wrong! First of all, every child is a special creation, the image and likeness of God and should not be considered as less. Do you know how many women are looking for one child? Just one? And who cares if you have five beautiful girls? I know a woman who has nine girls and later adopted a boy so, she has ten kids in total and no, this is not an old story, but a new one and by this I mean, that it happened in the 21st century.

    Why would you end the lives of those you never created? You didn't put them there...who gave you the right to remove them? They have their destinies already marked out for them, who are you to wipe it off? In the holy book, it is written that God has our names on his palms and yes, your twin babies names are there, how dare you wipe them off? Besides, who told you that scans are 100% correct and even if they are, who cares if they are girls? If people are so disturbed by five beautiful girls from one womb, let them go and die! Yes, I said it! Let them go and die in jealousy and envy.

    Begin to thank the Lord for the grace to give birth to children because there are so many who have spent years in their husband's home without a miscarriage to boast of. My dear, you are lucky, you are blessed and guess what? These twin girls are going to be your biggest joys yet. Everyone would sing their praises, they would be beautiful beyond imagining, they would be so perfect, intelligent and smart that even at their tender ages, they would excel and everyone would love to have kids like them.

    So, banish all thoughts of destroying the life God has given you to cherish, nurture and love. Do you think he doesn't know you want a male child? Do you think he's been deaf to your prayers for a son? My dear, it's better to have all girls than have a son that'll cause you high blood pressure and maybe be the cause of your death in the future.

    God has given these miracle babies to you, for a reason and if your husband doesn't want to cater for them, work hard, spend your last dime in ensuring that they get all they need! God never abandons hard-working parents, never!

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  2. Hi dear, I have posted your mail on the blog praying and hoping that you receive the best comments for what you are facing. Forget what the world would say. You know that I understand how you feel, you know I was once in that place. It's not just about the babies, it's about you too. Yes, there are good gynaecologists, but, Complications sometimes arise even with the best hands. It's two babies, what if at the delivery room, you discover your babies are twin boys? Or a boy and a girl? What type of scan did you do? that you are so 100% sure of, isn't it the normal black and white that we all do most times.
    You left it up till 4 months so scan can read their gender? What if scan read boys and you later give birth to girls? Yes. It has happened before.

    I beg you, please don't try to help God, cos you can't. If you just say "God I give up " and just depend on him, you won't regret it forever. The child that you need might be among the twins. Leave them alone and forget everything else. Someone has tried 10 times and has all girls who are now grown and big.

    Your case is not unique. Since you can't shoot or machete your 3 lovely girls to death, then don't do it to the two, they already have the characteristics of living things, they have life.
    I don't like when people try to use fear factor to control other people's minds but, we should always ask ourselves "What if"
    God is not a magician but he works in mysterious ways that we mortals sometimes cannot understand. Please, I beg you.

  3. Heyyyyy c me here praying n eating for twins oooooo kai what a world we live in.. Madam u should be celebrating I tell you. I always say twins are always double Blessings. Don't dare to touch it I beg you even if it triplet mbok keep it /dem. Don't go get your sef killed psychological oooooo sum women dt tried such nvr had PEACE. Please take note

  4. Anonymous1/18/2016

    I want to tell a story. I am a doctor and I once had a patient who brought her baby to my clinic. In the course of finding out what the problem was with her baby, she began to cry. I asked her why and she said she was dying of guilt. She had three daughters and her mother in law was giving her hell because she did not have a son. She decided to try one more time and conceived twin girls. When the ultrasound showed this, she resolved to terminate the pregnancy without her husbands knowledge or consent. This she went ahead to do. Thereafter, she went to a fertility clinic here in Abuja and did gender selection to ensure a baby boy. She got her baby boy. Unfortunately, he has Down syndrome together with a heart defect. That was the baby she brought to the clinic. She felt that God was punishing her for what she had done and she needed extensive counselling to overcome that feeling. The baby has had heart surgery but he will live the rest of his life with the other problems of Down syndrome, not the least of which is mental retardation. His sisters will have to continue to care for him after his parents have passed on. Living an independent life is highly unlikely.
    The bible says we should give thanks in ALL situations because this is God's will concerning us. Be thankful for your babies. Such "surprise" babies that "sneak" into their mummy's womb are very special. I know because I have one of them and he is exceptional.

  5. Anonymous1/18/2016

    Hello sis u jst appreciate God cos evry good n perfect gift is frm Him secondly confess n reverse evry negative tinz u've said abt ur pregnancy tell God to help u lov dem n put their love in d heart of their father u wil b surprise as he wil love dem even more than d others.God knows Y He is giving u such double blessn of same sex of babies at this state of our economy u r nt evening expecting it. So go sis thank God al d way n c Him perform wonders.He is d God of suddenly!

  6. Anonymous1/18/2016

    Would you be able to support them economically, If they were boys????If not,then some people are missing the point. 5 kids are a lot in this era!!!!

  7. Anonymous1/18/2016

    Poster, since you do not want the pregnancy; please just put your hand on your tummy and say: Father, please use me as a point of contact for those that are looking for this blessing.Amen.
    My sister, may all the comments that you read today speak positively to your spirit. It is well with you and it is also well with those blessings that God has granted you. I am not here to judge you but "count your blessings....and it will surprise you what the lord has done".
    I am a living testament of "it is not a boy" pregnancy but today I am the one sending the children of those that made that noise to school. I am the one paying for their weddings and providing a roof over their head and taking care of all their material needs.
    My prayer for you right now is that God should meet you at this point of your need because It is really painful for me to stand up from my bed depressed and crying to God about not having a child to call me own and then read this. God is able; he will fix this and you will remember this pregnancy as a testament of his faithfulness.

  8. Pls don't abort it will be difficult at first cos country hard we know but if d scan told u twin boys will u still contemplate abortion? You will strive to cater for them so I suggest u do d same,d scan may be wrong and even if it's not don't worry God that gave them to you will not let them suffer,twins are very special gifts that I pray to have so pls don't kill urs no matter wat u go tru now a day will come wen u realize it was all worth it.

  9. Anonymous1/19/2016

    @ Anonymous 14.04, these stories scare me oh. I have two girls too and although hubby wants a third I told him no way; except he shows me on his palm that no three will be a boy! I've been considering gender selection too. Not like we don't love our girls; just that we will love to balance the family out a bit. I'm sure if we had two boys, we'll still consider GS for a girl. So pls what's the name of the clinic in Abuja where this lady had her GS? Maybe I can contact them and see if it is doable?


  10. be dere wasting time u hear.beta go nd what u hv to do.

  11. Anonymous1/19/2016

    Anonymous 12:57, it's Nisa Premier Hospital, Jabi.

  12. Anonymous1/19/2016

    Anonymous 18:53, thank you.

  13. Anonymous1/20/2016

    God forbid those your 3kids go n join their maker tomorrow nko.are u really complaining?se if they were triplet of wch 2are girls and one is a boy will u abort all 3bcos of harsh economic blah blah blah.smh


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