I Was A Married Virgin Until Yesterday

Hi wives connection, I am from logos. I am married and I am still going to school level husband wants us to start having kids but I am not because I am still schooling. Now he always wants to forced himself on me. But yesterday he came home drunk and he forced himself on me. I was still a Virgin until yesterday it hurts a lot. Now
my question is that what if I am pregnant should I keep it or not? Keep my name anonymous, good day please I need reply as soon as possible thanks.


  1. Anonymous1/13/2016

    This one na wives connection comedy I swear. Poster, are you serious? How old are you?

  2. Imagine questions oooooo. Hey!!!!! So if you are advised to abort it u ll huh? Mydear poster we have ppl in 100L pregnant n schooling. No excuses please. If you take in b happy n hv ur child abeg. Do you know how many million people praying n wishing to hv their children? Only if you know

  3. Johnson1/13/2016

    Poster, u better start to learn how to enjoy sex - it's one benefits of being married that cannot be over-emphasized.
    Your husband must have formed being drunk to justify his action... but I assure you that he will be demanding his right more often now - be prepared!.
    If inexperienced, both of you might have to seek doctors' counsel to ensure that love -making made more pleasurable and not hurtful. From there, I assure u that na u go dey form drunkenness.
    Baby while in school can be managed, esp @ your current level. But no excuse to make the 1st class o (lol)

  4. Anonymous1/13/2016

    Dear poster you mean to tell me that you have being married and starving your husband of his God given right, what did you think marriage was all about? Why did you marry?
    Let me educate you. Man by nature cannot do without sex not even for a week, So if you luv your home and your husband don't ever deny him. Even if he does not come looking for it go give it to him. Because when a man is in the mood for sex he will enter into anything even a she goat.
    Please be wise my dear.
    See a doctor for family planning if you do not want pregnancy .Abstainance is not the only prevention for pregnancy. Also surf the net we are in the information world.

  5. poster, If you find out you are pregnant pls keep the baby, you will find away of balancing both school and baby. Wont advice u to use any family planning because many ppl are looking for such blessing from God. pls get used to sex, its a very essential part of marriage, as Uncle Johnson said before you will be the one forcing him. lol


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