I Need To Abort A Four Month Old Pregnancy, do not preach to me

Hello all. I need to abort a four month old pregnancy. Pls don't preach to me as I already have kids and don't need any more, for now. I live in Lagos. Kindly forward the contacts of a good gynaecologist that can do this for me if you know one. Email is Cost won't be an issue.
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  1. God sometimes sends angels and miracles when we are not ready, when we are very busy doing vanity. I testified on this blog before, how I wasn't ready at all for the pregnancy of my chairman. I told you guys how depressed I was. At the peak so to speak, after just one year of blogging with the blog already growing fast and reading over a million pageviews, with thousands of daily views, THAT! was my moment. I wanted at that point to go a very special direction with this blog, I had plans, the blog was full of energy and life. Just two months after the one year giveaway which Bonario Nnags won of course. Just one year two months after starting this blog, with four kids at home already.I discovered I was pregnant and the Ugh symptoms came in full force I could not sit to type or blog anymore, I couldn't even lie down to blog, it was that bad. Poster you can imagine the depression I suffered, receiving query emails from angry blog readers and apologizing constantly without being able to do something about it.. I wasn't ready, hubby too had said "NO MORE BABIES!" That he is fine with his "all girls"

    Blog readers didn't understand what I went through but that pregnancy was the beginning of irregular blogging. It's almost three years from that pregnancy till now and "we" haven't yet fully recovered BUT, you know what? I didn't know I was carrying thee male child I had been asking God for, I prayed that prayer, made that request continuously for about 15 years and when God sent him to me, he came at the wrongest time by my calculation but, TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY.
    **Please Do not abort that miracle. You let it happen, so, face it and go for family planning after he's born.

    1. Wow.
      Aunt Eya, all I can say is just, "wow".
      I'm so glad you're not focused on the viewing decline but on your precious gift.
      I'm glad WC is still on and I visit daily because I know it'll comeback with the force it'd had.

  2. I'll just copy my comment and paste on that post too just in case you check back there.

  3. See eh, even if it's your husband hurting your feelings, do not be foolish in anger. You can go cool off somewhere, talk with somebody elderly and wise, then go back home when you feel calm. Never cut your nose in an attempt to spite anyone. Be wise ok?

  4. Anty Eya thank you for telling her. Am a witness to ur story. We were even thinking u fell ill or something. We did every, I even remember wen a friend of urs post dt u aware. I was always checking u bt no update. Nvr knew it was chairman ish. Back to @poster please don't abort I beg u no matter what u going tru presently. Trust me u ll smile some day say thank God to wiveconnection. Think about it

  5. Anonymous1/16/2016

    You can always put up d child for adoption after birthing.

  6. Poster dint think this is the right place to seek details of a good doctor of abortion.
    Aunty Eya I remember all the bashing that the blog wasn't functioning but thank God you have chairman to show for it.
    Me and hubby mutually agreed we'll have 2 kids and God blessed us with a boy then a girl and i thiught 'thats it'. contraception was in place until it started giving serious side effects when its the time of the month so I had to take it out because of excruciating pain and advise from my gynecologist. I was enjoying my pain free time of the month that I forgot about contraception and I feel pregnant. I was about 3months gone when i realised it and abortion came to mind and I cried sooo much. As i do not believe in abortion i knew it wasn't an option and that even made me cry more. Hubby was sooò angry now our lil boy is almost 3yrs old and father and son are inseparable. I sometimes wonder who really carried him for 9months because their closeness is amazing. Now i have worked out a better type of contraception that is pain free with the gynecologist and it has been ok since.
    So poster please rethink.


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