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How Can I Make My Son Born Out Of Wedlock Legitimate In Nigeria?

Good morning wives connection family. I had a fight with my inlaws because they show no respect when they come visiting. It's like my kitchen is a thoroughfare where they can just pick whatever they like as a takeaway, open freezer to see what's in there and even check pots on the cooker like we are mates.

So we exchanged some sour words with my SIL and she kept repeating that my son is an illegitimate child ;(
I had this boy before hubby and I wedded officially,  in

Super Delicious Chicken Vegetable Sauce Cooked With Knorr Gravy

There are times I want to make this sauce and cannot find the knorr thickener, what I do to get the exact same delicious taste is use flour to thicken and add more beef seasoning cubes. That's

Question for moms and Dads Only

Honest Answer oh: Do you really love your kids equally and unconditionally?  Do you have favourites, you have stubborn and difficult to manage?

Quick Vegetable Soup With Rolled Pounded Yam

How to cook Nigerian vegetable soup without meat:
You know me and quick cook methods. If you want the real edikaikong recipe, click and see it here. To understand this cooking pics, scroll down and start from there. The cooking ends up here. Start reading from down up. Ok, still in the process of improving on my presentation, I tried to roll this fufu like the lovely ones we see Online but my best is almost good enough. Just manage. The soup tastes so good and fresh you won't mind that the fufu has cracks. No long due process cooking here. Just wash, fry and soup is ready.

Help With My Baby's Hair

Please I need advice on how to grow a baby girl's hair. My baby is 15 months old. I only trimmed her hair a little when she was about 9 months old. the front was long but the back was very low and scanty.
The back refuses to grow. The hair looks like its cutting and looks very dry. I usually use shea butter but stopped about 2

Can I Talk To Some Good Heart On The Blog?

Good morning Aunty Eya and the beautiful people of my ever warm wives connection. I feel like talking to someone. This marriage thing is a tricky road to travel. There are so many expectations that we place on ourselves and that we allow society to place on us. What we thought before we were married about each other does not always seem to be true after a few years down the road.

I married way too young - at age 21. I'm now 32. I fell deeply in love with my husband to the point of obsession. But I must confess that I can't stand him now. We've since grown apart tremendously. Throughout the years, we grew into different people (more so on his end). He's had sex with so many women while in our relationship, he’s lost count! Thank GOD, no STD's! In my heart, he's always had a side chick from past relationships or from social media connections, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twittter and some that I can't even pronounce names. I once tried my best to revenge with just one …

Worried about my breast

Aunt Eya I greet u, and commend ur work! Please do not post my identity. I'm 26 years old, a beautiful lady, chocolate in colour, but I have two issues concerning my body and it makes me worry! First one is that I naturally don't have a firm breast right from puberty! My breast developed facing downwards, it's not long just a typical example of a fallen breast, I'm a virgin,

Parents who wear pyjamas, hair nets and slippers while dropping kids off at school, Should

Parents who take their kids on the school run while wearing their pyjamas have been given short shrift by a disgruntled head teacher. Kate Chisholm, of Skerne Park Primary, has written to families and carers of youngsters at the school in Darlington. Her letter states that she has "noticed an increasing tendency for parents to escort

I Just Want His Attention

Good morning ma, I don't know if my husband is taking me for granted or something else. I love my husband, but sometimes I feel like the small dog who is circling around, jumping at the big dog saying "HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! LOOK AT ME!

Age is but a number, So, Don't Come Here And Tell Me Nonesense

Hello wives connect, I am a beautiful African lady that enjoys reading the blog. Though I am not Nigerian, I love Nigerian food and some aspects of the culture too. Please permit me seek advise on there. I am 42 and my partner is 27 we have been together since he was 20. This has never happened to me before and I would think twice if this were to happen again. We live together and have done so for about 3 years . We have had to go through a lot of judgment from various family members over the years and are still not in a good place. My partner's parents know about me and his Mum is fine but his Dad never has been which is fine. They are the only family members who even know I exist, as he has kept me a secret for so long. I am a naturally bubbly adventurous person who wants to live life to the full travelling and experiencing new adventures. All out holidays weekends away, trips out in the evening have 99% been planned by me. 

I have got to a stage where I find it extremely difficu…

Most Childish Scam E-Mail I Ever Received

Hello , Attention, I am very sorry for you, is a pity that this is how your life is going to end as soon as you don't comply. As you can see we are the members of the Deadly Networks in the world, which is responsible for the bombing of twin [ISO-8859-1?]tower’s in America onSept. 11th and the bombing of Lon... transport services on July 7th (AL-QAEDA NETWORKS WORLDWIDE), I don't have any business with you, my duty as I am mailing you now is just to KILL you and I have to do it as I have already been paid for that. Someone who you called your friend wants you dead by all means, and this person have spent a lot of money in this venture, This person came to us and told me that he wanted you dead and he provided us with your name, picture and other necessary

30 Things Nigerian Husbands Want And Expect From Our Wives

Go and slim down. Do not let people take you for our mother when indeed you are our wife. We love to see you exercise and eat less.Mind and control your tongue.  Keep the house clean.Be hospitable, how you receive our friends and families matter to us. Make them feel welcome by coming out to greet them, serve them water if there is no drink.Dress neatly and smart always, look good for us.Do not disrespect us, we want to feel respected even with our imperfections, correct us with respect.Treat like a king, make us feel important and we shall treat you back as our queens.Do  not always claim right.Be politeBe quick to say "I am sorry"Do not delay us when we have to go out together. Start getting ready well ahead of time and don't keep us waiting because we can be very impatient.We don't like tension, make us smile and laugh around you and we will want to hang around.We love good food, if you have to go to a catering school to make us eat well, please do.We do not like …

My Mother And Mother In-law Do Not Talk To each Other, I Cancelled My Wedding Because My Mom Won't Attend, What Can I Do?

Hello aunt eya,I wanted to post this on your blog but av failed.. am 24 yes old married with a son..I got married last yr march but we have in a relationship with my husband since 2009..all this tym my mother has been against our relationship but I cudnt leave this man coz I Love him so much and he loves me too.we wanted to wed but my mother said she wud not come to my welding as a result we just got married.. my mother hates the

Gizzard Fried Rice For My Nigerian Lunchbox

If you follow @WIVESCONNECTION on Instagram,  you'd have seen where I explained that I  cooked this simple fried rice between 6 and 7 am to pack for Monday School lunch.  On Mondays,  I usually pack left over rice from Sunday  but this week Sunday saw us serving pounded yam with


Take time to listen to us, we want to talk to you.Seek our opinion in decision making, especially on matters that may affect the family.Always come home early, it shows you value us and our children.Empower us by investing in us (Allowing us to work or open a business for us).Accept your responsibility as the head (by giving leadership).Defend us always. (Let us have the feeling that you are always there for us)Prove to us that you care (Care can be seen, felt, touched or heard).We like sex, but, allow us to tell you how we want it. Read good books on this. There is what is called foreplay, it comes before the real thing. You can also prevent yourself from coming too early; learn from books.Our mood matters, make us happy to want it.Do not cheat on us, it brings wound that is difficult to healEarn our honour, respect and submission by giving them to usAlways treat and relate with our family members the same way you want us to treat and relate with yours.Prove to us that we are more im…

Why Did I Find Condoms In My Wife's Handbag?

Good morning madam Eya, My wife of 8 years has never cheated nor given me reasons to suspect her even though I derailed a few times before cautioning myself. She never got to know though. Last night, while trying to fall asleep, her phone began to ring in her bag while she was taking too long in

20 Nigerian Food blogs to follow in 2016, Beyond

This is 2016, we need to explore more. I want to take my cooking to another level. I'd love to wow myself and my family this year, especially the kids who love to eat out on weekends, want to see if I can change that... so, I went searching for the best hands in Nigerian food. I may not be 100% correct but they are great, if you know other good food blogs to help improve our cooking, please add in the comment section and I promise to check out everything Nigerian food blog, to cook more variety. I cannot carry last when it comes to cooking Nigerian. In no particular order, here are the best Nigerian food blogs to follow in 2016 and beyond, if you know others that are missing here, please nor vex, add in the comments section. We'll check them all out.

Having issues in my marriage and any attempt to talk to my husband about these problems has turned into an argument

Hi Wives town hall connection, I'm  a silent reader of wives connection who has learnt so so much from the blog, having issues in my marriage and any attempt to talk to my husband about these problems has turned into an arguement that has gotten nowhere. I am married with four kids including a pair of twin. Our oldest son is just 6 years, a four year old and two year old twin. I think the main issue we have in our relationship is that I dont feel like I am getting enough support and help from my husband. He feels that because he works and I stay home, I should be responsible for everything relating to the house and kids. A lot of the other issues we have I think all stem from this e.g. our sex life is almost non existent, this is because I

My Husband Thinks That Sex Is Not That Important, Any Advice?

Hello bloggers, I am a 25 year old ardent blog reader and have been married to my 32 year old husband for over 2 years now. When I started dating him I felt like I finally found the guy that I have been looking for for my whole life. I am a sexually active person, love sex, I think it is important part of relationship and had amazing sexes with my exes.  But after all the disappointments I suffered in their hands, I decided that my next man will have to wait until after marriage. On our wedding night we were both too tired, so some days after the wedding, I realized that our sex drive level is so different and before marriage he was honest with me, he told me that he is never crazy about sex and I was already contemplated to break up but he is such a great guy, and I was never as happy as I could be with anyone else but him, all my previous relationship failed because I chose the wrong character and here I have such a great guy so I decided to stay with him and thought that I could gi…

How bad is it for me not to move with my husband to another city?

Hello Wc, my husband and I have been married for three years and we have always lived just 30 minutes away from my aging parents. My mother has retired from active service and she's been very helpful with the baby and I also am used to checking up on them from time to time as am an only child. Hubby just informed me he has applied for a job in another town about three hour drive away and initially I was excited but now after much thinking. I don't think I want to move to another town just yet. I prefer a 30 minutes drive to my parents to driving three hours just to see them. I don't know

I am battling Emotional Infidelity from my husband

Please I need ur candid advice, mr Johnson, Adaeze, Brandybless and all other wonderful blog visitors
My marriage is 9years and for some years about 4years now I have been battling with emotional infidelity from my hubby. There is this number he always calls n they can stay on the phone for like 30mins or more each day and this can happen 3times a day. I have complained, begged, nagged

I have an issue with my husband calling his colleague sweetie and honey.

I have an issue and need advice from other ladies and gentlemen on wives connection blog. My husband and I have been together for 12 years. We dated for 6 months before marriage and I have never given him a reason to doubt or suspect my movements.  last year December ending, I walked passed my husbands office phone which was lying on the bed face up, so I read the message, it was from a former female colleague that wished him a happy new year and wanted to know how things were going at work. 

He replied that things are same and he wished her a happy new year. Then she told him she found a new job and loves it. He

How To Care For Baby Skin In Nigeria. I need help oh

Hello fellow moms, I was advised to get aveeno if I want the best skin for my new born. Now, Aunty Eya, it's like her skin was better when I used black palm kernel oil which I dropped cuz I don't like the smell. There are rashes on my baby's bum, armpits and on the

Gravy Recipes To Cook Over The Weekend, Pick any. Serve With Rice Macaroni Or Spaghetti For 100% Enjoyment

I can serve this this gravies with boiled rice every Sunday Lunch and my family won't complain. I don't know how mavis, Mrs B and Lamide did it, but these and other gravies on the blog taste so good. You guys know me already, if I tried and it didn't taste very good, I'll find a nice way of

He told me about his past without My asking, Now insists that I tell him everything about my past. What Should I Do?

Telling him everything about my past, is that necessary?Good morning aunty Eya, God bless you for this blog.  I want to ask if knowing your partner's past is important.  my boyfriend insist  on knowing everything I did in the past and he keeps asking me about it but I'm not willing to tell him cos I'm scared he might stop loving me.

  I really don't want to tell him anything  and on top of that I 've been lying that I have nothing in my cupboard. He always says that before we get married I must tell him everything cos he deserves to know. I keep wondering if he is right,  how will I tell him about the abortion

He Didn't Pay Hospital Bills When I gave Birth But Paid His Married Sister's Bills, Is There A future for this marriage?

Dear Eya,

Am 35 years of age and have three lovely kids, i once got married to a man and had two (2) kids with a boy and a girl. Needing someone to help me raise or bring up these kids and also didnt want to flirt around i decided to settle down again and that happened 2014 and had a son. Before the marriage my husband decided to travel and come back before we perform the marriage right but i was then pregnant and my church will punish me for six months so base on that i told him we should do it in a small way which will not cost much money he agreed but he traveled before the ceremony could come on but he came back a day before the marriage but i didn't know and he called in the evening that he has return but all his two foot are paining him.
The money he gave was only Eight Hundred Ghana Cedis (C800.00) equivalent to (N41,812.18) it will be less than that in

Nigerian Mermaid spiritz

Very creative.

I am not the type of guy that would ever want to break up a marraige but im so deeply in love with this woman which makes me want her to leave her husband

Hello fellow blog readers, I feel so alone lying down on the couch and looking at supersports without really watching anything. I fear depression is close by and need help before it gets too late.
need advice on how to get over a married woman I have been having an affair with for over 3 years. It all started when i began to see her at my gym on Saturdays. at the private gym I used to work at. She began texting me flirty messages and kept wanting to see me outside of thegym after Saturday aerobics. Now this had been going on for about 6 months, I kept making excuses but finally I gave in to seeing her and that's when this all took off. We began being intimate and that's when she started to shower me with expensive gifts

My Family Has Brainwashed Me So Much, I Can't Even Enjoy My Marriage

I have been an orphan all my life never knew my parents and was raised by my moms older sister. They really took very good care of me n loved me more than their children. I was well educated till I was a graduate, but i started having problems right after marriage. I got married to a good  n religious man, the type i had always wanted. He was so kind and respectful to them until they started to control my life.

Two months after my wedding, my aunt gave birth, i must say am not much of a social person so don't like gatherings as such, have never been to any naming ceremony before

Can You Spot The Cat? Where

Do you still have good eyes? What colour is the cat?
Another one after the cut

Photo: Heartless Man sets wife on fire for reading his lover's text message,

27-year-old Dorcas Awinja (pictured in bed at the Nairobi Women's Hospital on Tuesday, January 19) sustained burns after her husband doused paraffin on her and set her on fire over a love text message.
Awinja, who is admitted at Nairobi Women’s Hospital, Nakuru branch, suffered 63% burns and has wounds on the neck, arms, breast, thorax, abdomen, back and legs. She depends on the nurses to feed, dress the wounds and bathe. 
The mother of two from Ipali village, Luanda sub-county in Vihiga County, Kenya said

How to cook cow tail pepper soup in a pressure cooker in 15 minutes

Cow tail, cow leg and fresh cow skin (kpomo) are best cooked with a pressure cooker if you want to leave the kitchen fast. Once the cooker starts sizzling and wheezing,  I  wait fifteen minutes and turn off the heat.  This cow tail
cooked really soft and delicious in those 15 minutes of sizzling.


You Never Carried Last At School? Show Us

Smart Brain Game:

 The same letter is missing three times in each word. Fill the blanks.

1. M — L—RI—

2. DI—MI— —

3. — INI—U—

My wife is lazy, How Do I Cope?

Hello People, My wife of five years has just left herself to be anyhow with NFA (NO FUTURE AMBITION). She is fat, angry and lazy. she was fired from her last job because there was no month she didn't call in sick to enable her stay home and watch Telemundo soap operas. She has become a professional food burner because when telemundo is showing, she forgets that there is a pot on the fire. Because of her I took away our PVR decoder and got a smaller subscription instead, to prevent her recording and watching all day long, yet, she still watches anyhow. Our only child is also suffering her non challance, she leaves the 2 year old at school till 5pm, pays the school extra money to perform after school care and assist with lessons before she gets up the couch to bring my daughter home. When she was still working, this was understandable but after loosing her job, she

People who weren’t related to me started reading my blog and sending me emails, telling me how brave I was to quit it all and go: Jilted Bride

Bride jilted at altar quits job and sells home to travel around the world After being left standing at the altar, a jilted bride quit her job and swapped weddings for wanderlust.
Heartbroken Katy Colins, 30, sold her house and her car and booked a one-way ticket to south east Asia after having her big day called off. Little did she know that backpacking around Thailand, India and Nepal on her own would lead to her

79 Year Old Inspiration

How far with your 2016 weight loss goals?

I Want To Confess And Apologize Without Causing More Harm

Hi Mrs Eya, this is a confused male reader posting because I don't know how women think or look at issues. There is 21 days fasting and prayer going on in my church this month and as an ordained worker, it is expected that I participate, aside that, I made myself a promise that I'll be more committed in spiritual matters this year. Days are passing and very soon the programme will end yet, I haven't been able to fast because of the weight on my chest.

We once had serious issues with my wife, that took about  3 months to resolve and during that period I

Reply from Mom Who Wants To Abort Her 4 Month Pregnancy

Thank you for your reply Madam. When I say my situation is deep, believe me it is really deep. I had three daughters and decided to try number four for my "boy", despite my husband's insistence that we were done with kids. Guess what I am carrying now; twin girls!

I fasted, prayed, sowed seed but for where? All I asked God for all my life was one son, just one! How do I now face the world with five girls? In this harsh economic situation, how do I fend for them if my husband refuses to care for them? Must life always be this cruel? Really, i'm cool with my three daughters I

Is It Acceptable to force my wife under this circumstance?

Hello Eya, I don't care if my wife reads the wives connection or not because I'm dying inside. I have to post this. I come from a family where as a child, I knew dad was cheating on my mother. My parents cohabitate. My father provides for my mother. She takes care of the house, in turn he cheats. He cheats to have his needs met since she has long since stopped responding to his needs. He will not leave her because? the reason I never knew. He remained with her even when each night we all saw her take a small mattress into the sitting room and sleep there instead of their bedroom.   Neither one of them was really happy. I swore I would never have that kind of marriage. Now it seems the only way to keep

700 Yoruba Names And Their English Meaning

Hello ma, I read the post of the blog reader that wanted to change their Yoruba name because they don't like how it sounds. Yoruba names are very special and highly respected by the Yoruba culture. In the Yoruba Kingdom, naming a child is sacred and treated with utmost respect and funfare. Naming of a child is done 7 days after the child is born and it goes with special prayers and sometimes religious incantations and prophecies. What follows after the Yoruba  naming ceremony is Entertainment of guests which can last a whole day or more. Relatives travel from far and wide to attend naming ceremonies. Please share this Yoruba names and their meanings on the blog for Yorubas in diaspora and for Foreigners married to Yoruba men.

Aanuoluwapo; God’s mercy is great.
Aarin; refers to centre/middle
Aarinade; in the centre of the crown
Aarinola; the centre of wealth
Abayomi; the enemy would have gloated over me
Abejide; born during the rainy season
Abeni; …


Ogbonge facials. Isn't she cute?

My Sunday lunch Table

I  wish.

I Hate My Name To Pieces

Hi Aunty Eya, I don't know what to do about my name. The meaning is good, but the sound. it doesn't sound good to the ears and very hard to pronounce unless you are from my tribe. The name is always bastardized and I don't blame people for not being able to call me correctly. In my final year

I Still have feelings for him no matter what

Hello ma, a boy loves me.he is 5 year's elder than me.before knowing that he loves me i and he is friends.on one april fool,he fool me by telling me he loves me.i dn't belive i tell to him to tell this on an another day.after a month he tell me directly he loves me.really i don't

15 Reasons why real men avoid single mothers? What About single dads?

An American author named Shawn James this week wrote a controversial essay titled 'Why Real Men Avoid Single Mothers' - detailing 15 reasons why men should not date single mothers. It's got people talking. Read below and tell us what you think...
1. Never Available. A single Mother’s schedule is never open. Single mothers are the kind of women to always cancel dates at the last minute. Something always gets in the way of a man spending time with her. It’s hard to have a relationship with her because she’s never there.
2. YOU are NOT a priority. Usually in a relationship the man winds up DEAD LAST. Behind, her kids, her job, the car, the kitchen sink, the stopped up toilet. Even the dog gets more attention and affection than a man involved with a single mother. Any man who gets involved with a single mother winds up a fifth stringer in a relationship. And he rarely ever gets called up to play.

3. Thinks the world revolves around HER and ONLY HER. A single mother is one of the…

I Need To Abort A Four Month Old Pregnancy, do not preach to me

Hello all. I need to abort a four month old pregnancy. Pls don't preach to me as I already have kids and don't need any more, for now. I live in Lagos. Kindly forward the contacts of a good gynaecologist that can do this for me if you know one. Email is Cost won't be an issue. Read the full post after the cut

Mother Of The Groom, Mom of Five

Another pic below:

Annie Idibia The Indisputable Role Model To African Wives

Annie Idibia sends loving birthday message to Nino, 2face's first son. Can you do that? Last night,  I saw this birthday wish from Annie Idibia to Tuface's first son and honestly I became teary  because , didn't we all follow the story? until he finally proposed and married her? I asked myself "Can I do this?  
Back then, she was bashed for staying, but come to think of it,  even if she left Tubaba, where on planet earth would she have found a perfect Angelic man ?(even angels fell sef). Annie Idibia unites her children in a way no other has done before and if you think you can do that,  STEP FORWARD LET'S SEE YOU. It's not

My New Year Resolution To Confess What Happened Between My Friend's Husband And I

Happy New Year Aunty Eya, I have a confession which is part of my New year resolution.  It's a long story but please, bear with me. Delete my details before posting on the blog I beg you. It started some months ago. I have a friend, my best friend in fact, got married recently to a guy (that I had not known. They had dated for a little over a year, but he was in The States. She travelled to meet him and they quickly tied the knots secretly in an oyibo way. I had seen pictures of him and had even chatted with him online with her (they met online sha). He was cute to say the least, but I didn’t give it a second thought. I was, after all, married to a man that means the world to me. I love my friend dearly and really was just enjoying watching her get to know this guy, and seeing her happy was great because I know the heart breaks she has suffered in this country with useless unrealistic "boys"
 Okay, he returned home two weeks prior to their wedding here in Naija.  They want…

The secret of a good marriage is two bathrooms

Sir Michael Caine has revealed the secret to his 43 year marriage - having separate bathrooms. The double Oscar winner, 82, married Guyanese actress Shakira Caine, 68, in 1973 and said that the trick to marital bliss is having your own space.

The secret of a good marriage is two bathrooms. You never want to share a bathroom with

Tips For 2016 as three hundred naira exchanges for a dollar

By now, it should be clear to all of us that this year will be a difficult one and to survive it, you just have to start planning from Day one.
Be prepared to let go of some things and spend only when absolutely necessary. If you have saved money, try not to touch it quickly.
Avoid capital projects in the next few months until you are certain of replenishing your bank accounts.
Avoid social travels that bring no added income.
If attending a burial, wedding, naming ceremony, marriage anniversary will eat into your savings, avoid them. You would be called names, accept the name calling but understand that these same
people will call you worse names if you have to borrow from them to feed your family.

Reduce your responsibilities. Your first duty is to your family. If you don't provide for them, others will rarely do so.
Talk to your friends who are working not to bother asking

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee hospitalized due to 'diabetic complications'... as she trains and diets to be a bodybuilder

Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee was hospitalized on Wednesday night. The 21-year-old, who also starred on 16 & Pregnant, suffered diabetic complications and was rushed to hospital near her home in Miami, Oklahoma. Mackenzie had been vomiting for hours before she tested her blood sugar only discover it was 'dangerously high', according to TMZ
In order to compete the Mackenzie has been undergoing extreme diets and grueling training. The star says she does three hours of cardio a day and drinks two gallons of water. She regularly discusses her regime - she takes insulin and monitors her hormones, and has

Cheryl Fernandez-Versini puts on a brave face in first public appearance since 'filing for divorce from husband' at gym launch

If you watch X Factor UK, then you know Cheryl Fernandez, sits beside Simon Cowell with Rita Ora to her right. Cheryl hasn't been pictured in public for over three weeks, although has been keeping her fans happy with several selfies on her Instagrams in recent days. Daily Mail reports that the X Factor judge attended the launch of the boutique boxing gym on Chelsea's King's Road after earlier enjoying a training session at the same venue. The new venture is owned by her PA Lily England's boyfriend, Shane Collins. Earlier on Thursday, she posted an Instagram of herself enjoying some boxing with Shane, writing: 'K O'd by Shane.'
The post followed Sarah Harding's television interview on Wednesday, during which she discussed the topic of Cheryl and Jean-Bernard's pending divorce after 18 months of marriage. Talking to the Loose Women panel, the 34-year-old said: 'I dropped her a text, but Cheryl's

Go for old school Hollywood glamour in an off shoulder gown like Lady Gaga's + Leonardo Dicaprio's Response

It's not often we see Lady Gaga wearing something we'd love to have hanging in our own wardrobes, but last night at the Golden Globes the pop star nailed it and we're seeing her in a whole new light. She was elegant and oozed old school Hollywood glamour in a fabulous off shoulder gown by Atelier Versace. It's a classic look and one that's easier to copy in the real world than some of the other showstopping numbers we saw on the red carpet. We love the structured tailoring of this dress and the slinky train. It must have been quite difficult to walk in but totally worth it for the dramatic effect. Atelier Versace is the couture end of the luxury fashion house so will require an appointment with the designer to recreate this exact look, so why not just shop our edit below instead?  Another image after the cut.

See Adams Oshiomole's Look When Dare Art Alade Shook His Pretty Wife's Hand At An Event

This photo was taken last September when Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo state hosted an event in honor of the Police IG, Solomon Arase. Governor

8 Sure Things That Happen To Your Body After You Birth A Baby

1. YOUR BREASTS WILL STAY HUGE... AND MAY HURT No surprise, new mothers have gigantic knockers. That's partially because they're constantly filling up with milk, but also because they're engorged from all the extra blood flow needed to transform your chest into a 24-7 dairy. What's shocking is that sometimes, when you produce more milk than what you can expel, the excess milk and blood flow can cause serious discomfort. This shouldn't last long, though

Celine Dion's Husband Rene Dies At 73

Husband to International songstress, Celine Dion, Rene Angelil has died at the age of 73. Rene died in the early hours of today January 14th. He was diagnosed with throat cancer in 1998. His health got so bad

Watching My Wife Give Birth To Our Son Put Me Off For a Year- A husband confesses

Neither of us said anything, but I could sense we were thinking the same thing. As we lay there, side-by-side in the darkness, a chasm was growing between us. I longed to reach over and draw my wife  to my side, but something stopped me. I felt frozen to the spot, my stomach in knots and my heart pounding. The problem? We hadn’t had sex for more than a year and the longer we left it, the higher

More Nigerian Soup Recipes To Cook This Weekend

Click on any soup you like to find the step by step cooking recipe

How Do I Believe In Something Am Not Convinced About?

Good evening Aunty Eya, thank you for everything I have learn since I started following the blog in 2013. Now, I am not a religious person but there are questions bothering me. I would really like to know how can you love Someone that you've never met? Can you love an idea

Always Loving The Wrong Men But I'd Rather Stay Single Than Live With Someone I Don't Love

Hello Aunty Eya and Wives Connection and fellow Blog visitors who are always ready to help us silent readers with your wealth of knowledge. I'm 31 years old and I can say that I've truly loved only three people in my entire life and unfortunately they were  the wrong ones. My close friends are all in long term relationships and getting married and raising their beautiful families. Everyday I feel like I'm getting left behind. I feel old and discouraged,  I wonder why I can't fall in love or develop feelings for the right men, except those who will lie and deceive me and disappear when I need the relationship to move forward.But as much

Bird Flu + Lassa Fever, Temperature Scanning Has To Start Again In Nigerian schools And All Public Places

Abuja records first Lassa fever death. Schools, supermarkets, Churches, hospitals and all public places in Nigeria took up the task of scanning before anyone is allowed into premises,  what happened to this good habit? As soon as the World Health Organisation  (WHO) declared Nigeria Ebola free,  many dropped the habit and now there's free entry everywhere with no one bothering to scan visitors. Let this scanning habit return.  It's a good habit. The Federal Capital Territory has recorded it's first death of the deadly viral disease, Lassa Fever. Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Oyewole made this known during a visit to the National Hospital, Abuja where the patient died.

The medical director of the hospital, Jack Momoh, while confirming the death, said the patient, a 33 year old newly married man, was brought in unconscious

The Return Of Bird flu To Nigeria. Without Even Waiting For Lassa Fever To Leave

Which one should one worry about now? Lassa Fever and Bid Flu at the same time?  Read the press statement from Anambra state government below...
The Anambra State Government alerts members of the public about the resurgence of Avian Influenza popularly called Bird Flu in some states across the country. This disease which is usually associated with birds can also be transmitted from bird to man. Bird Flu can be transmitted through direct contact with infected birds or poultry materials.
The Symptoms of the disease include fever, sneezing, cough, diarrhea, trouble

My Baby Is Ready For Potty training, How Do I Know? READ ALL THE SIGNS BELOW

Yesterday I went potty shopping because the one that came with the bath tub is now small and too low for my baby. He has started school this week and GOD! I'm so grateful. He started showing signs before Christmas but I wasn't interested, all I wanted to do was wait until he is 2 at least but now that he is in

Where To search For The Missing Budget

Or, is it found already?

Video: Finally, My Chairman Goes To School. First Day Of School

The Lord has done it again. This week has been a bit different for me. After all the begging and yummy soups, hubby has agreed that my Chairman starts school, until last week, he still insisted that the boy has to be three and be able to talk clearly before going to any school. HALLELUJAH SOMEBODY! I'm so happy for me and for the blog. Okay, Monday was his first day at school and I couldn't wait to share with you guys, surprisingly, he didn't

My Parents Always Talking Negative About Me To My Mother-In-law

Good morning Aunty Eya and fellow Blog readers, I need to share my story here to encourage someone on this platform, one for all the yummy recipes my wife and I enjoy from wives connection, and two for the advice that has helped us have a better marriage as a Nigerian couple. 
I am the first child of my parents, as a child I always wanted the love of my parents, but could never understand what was wrong.  By age 9 after a sever beating, and thrown outside, I remember that I prayed to  God and asked him to take me away from this horrible life.  When I was twelve, I remember my mother telling me how I ruined her life for being born.  I'm in my 40's now and looking back all I have ever been was me being the Black Sheep in my family.  I joined the military at age 20 to make a better life.  After leaving the

I Was A Married Virgin Until Yesterday

Hi wives connection, I am from logos. I am married and I am still going to school level husband wants us to start having kids but I am not because I am still schooling. Now he always wants to forced himself on me. But yesterday he came home drunk and he forced himself on me. I was still a Virgin until yesterday it hurts a lot. Now

Lassa Fever Prevention

With the recent outbreak of Lassa fever in the country, it is important for us to put in place preventive and control measures in our homes/offices most especially since reported cases have been confirmed in the region.

·         Avoid contact between rats and human beings;
·         Keep your house and Environment clean
·         Cover all foods and water properly.
·         Cook all foods thoroughly
·         Store foodstuffs in rodent proof containers
·         Block all rat hideouts
·         If you suspect that rat has eaten any food, discard it
·         Family members should always be careful to avoid contact with blood and body fluids while

The Things We See Today, Won't Even Dare In The Days Of Elijah! Gunmen kidnap Redeemed Church pastor during service in Kogi, demand N50m ransom

Has God truly gone farther away from this planet because of sins and filth? In the days of old, honestly, fire will rain down as soon as these kidnappers step foot on the pulpit.  Is that God has become more loving and enduring than he used to be. You know when we read stories like this. I begin to prefer that instant action, that thunder and fire judgement we read from scriptures. 
People should fear what might happen if they try to commit crimes in CHURCH but No, whatever criminals can do outside,  they carry to church and are able to execute whatever without fear. The number of curses raining on them right now? Uncountable.  Will any ill supernaturally befall them to scare others who try committing crimes on sacred grounds? I don't know... However, in my mind's eye, I can see the man of God commanding fire and paralysis on those kidnappers and I see them frozen into pillars of salt. I wish. A senior Pastor with the The Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) in Lokoja, Kog…

How To Preserve Tomatoes For a whole year

Big round and firm tomatoes are in season and cheap now. This is the time to buy and store for long time use. I got the biggest series basket for N3500 here in Ilorin last Saturday. It will still come cheaper between now and mid February, especially if the fuel situation improves. To store, sort the tomatoes to ripe and firm, unripe and firm and soft whether ripe or unripe. Wash the ripe and the soft, removing the stalks and pack in freezer nylons. Stack the

My Sister In-law Is The Worst Person I Know, How Do I Tell Her That She Is Rude?

Good morning Auntie Ey, My family used to be very close, just like those Kardashians we see on TV, we are always there for each other especially my parents who I have seen sacrifice a lot just to make us comfortable and happy. This was until my sister In-law came into the picture. Okay, so 2 years ago my brother was dating this girl and at first she was really nice to me and my family. She was the best of all the other ladies we ever saw him with, I liked her though We never really talked much before then. Then about 2 years ago she got pregnant and her and my brother got married but not a church white wedding because she already

Just Found Out Stuff About My Father

Hi Aunty Eya, good evening. I have something to share with you. I am confused. Am a male reader of wc and have been here silently reading for about one year. I just found out my father has a girl friend not too far from our street. Mom trusts him so much she won't even believe me. I

Sunday Night Quote, Sleep On This

“Shift your focus away from what you want (a billion dollars) and get deeply, intensely curious about what the world wants and needs. Ask yourself what you have the potential to offer that is so unique and compelling and helpful that no computer could replace you, no one could outsource you, no one could steal your product and make it better and then club you into oblivion (not literally). Then develop that potential. Choose one thing and become a master of it.Choose a second thing and

How Sunday? How Body?

Dem say Boko Haram don poison beans after I don buy half bag for house o. From the one wey I cook, I give my dog, Bingo, make im first test am. 45 mins later, bingo still dey waka, dey jolly. Na im I come chop my own. After I don chop finish, my gateman run come tel me say bingo don die, Hey! I run enter

A Rebellious Wife Is Like Witchcraft

Read Below:

My daughter, Today you have become a wife.

The position of a wife is that of great responsibility. It is the responsibility of a home builder.

A wise wife will build her home. A foolish wife will  destroy her home with her own hands.

My daughter, don't be a foolish wife. Don't be a rebellious wife..Rebellion is bad. It is like witchcraft.

Rebellion will cause strife in your home.
Strife will cause war in your home
War will destroy your home.

War will destroy all the good things that you have. War will destroy you.

Remember that no individual or community or nation can make progress during war
If there is No peace, there will not be progress... THAT IS THE RULE..

My daughter, if you want your home to progress, let peace reign.
Prayers will not help you if you're disobedient and contentious..

My daughter, seek peace.
My daughter, with everything inside of you, seek peace.

God made your hu…

Experiencing Verbal Abuse In A Subtle Way

Hello Aunty Eya, Happy new year to you and the very handsome baby Chairman of the family, please help me post this mail on the blog; 
Honestly, verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. Growing up, there were 5 siblings, I'm the middle kid. When I was a teenager, I noticed my father would decide not to talk to my mom for weeks or even months at a time. There was a time when my younger brother just under me asked my mom if our youngest sister was adopted since dad didn't talk to her whenever he was not talking to mom. Even now that we are all adults, I don't see my dad showing her affection like a father should. When I tried to ask him, he said he loves all his children equally that it's my brain playing games. 

 I felt so bad for my sis because the silent treatment from a parent is just as bad as verbal abuse IMO...I vowed I would never treat my children that way, and I didn't. Now that my