Welcome To December 2015, Happy New Month

Wow, just like yesterday we celebrated Christmas 2014,with my children asking what they are doing in the village when their class mates and friends are off to
London, Paris, South Africa, USA, The Caribbean,  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and even Mars to celebrate Christmas in style, and me explaining that Christmas at the village is the best, where you get to see live chicken, live goats, lizards, village rivers and thick African bushes.

God is good.  May 20 15 end well for all of us.May nothing prevent any of us from reaping the year end blessings God has kept in store for us. May we end the year rejoicing in the presence of God. This year 2015, we declare that you will satisfy our families with good tidings. There shall be no loss, there shall be no sorrow. Eil shall not penetrative our families. Only with our eyes shall we see the reward of the wicked. May parents make enough to take our kids overseas for white Christmases,  or even lodge them in foreign looking hotels. Aminooo...

As this year ends, incase the devil tries to come against  any of us here, if he tries to come like a flood, may the spirit of God raise up a giant wall of defence against him. If he tries to come like fire,  may the spirit of God rise up and be our fire proof plus extinguisher. Because they that trust in God are like mount zoo,  like mount Zion,  may nothing be able to move us.
As we get ready to celebrate the day chosen, whether it's the real day our Lord and saviour was born or not oh, we don't  care. All we want to do is celebrate his coming. Because his coming brings joy, only joy shall we experience through out this season.
May the Universe answer  to us, agree with us and work for our good.
 May every Haman fall into his trap while we celebrate the end of 2015.


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