My Story. The Circle Is Repeating Itself

Hello Aunty Eya, I came across your blog while I was in a desperate chat. I'm 24rs old. I have a 3yr old baby from years back. The man flew immediately he knew I was pregnant, I
couldn't pin down any of his family. Now, after years of struggling to have a good life with my girl. I met a man and we got along, he promised to be the father of my girl and I was pleased. I'm now in his house and this is my 8th month here, i'm 5months pregnant and he wants me out of his house. I can't fend for myself and two kids. I want to give this unborn child to couples who wants it. So I can continue my life and look after the grown one. Please, help me.


  1. This is a touching story,i don't even know how to advice u but I want to ask why you will get pregnant for a man with no commitment,the first one was a mistake but the second one should have been planned well the deed has been done but pls don't give out ur baby if d man won't take care of d first child he should take care of his own baby,look for his family or any relatives,wat reason is he giving for wanting u out in dt condition? God be with you

  2. Johnson12/22/2015

    First father ran away; second to-be father wants you out... I feel for you. I think u need to start by helping yourself - add VAT (value) to yourself and be able to stand independently.
    U cannot give away the child without the father's consent and who says the situation cannot be reversed?
    This story of moving in with a man without being married and not knowing the relatives/friends of your 1st baby-daddy are not pleasant o. U need to wake u and start believing the best for yourself... @ 24yrs, there's still plenty of time ahead of you to make a difference.

  3. Thanks for posting my story Aunty Eya. And I appreciate the comments above me and the ones to come. It's not been easy for me, my parents died when I was a teenager and the rest of the families are Property mongers. My mother died first and I had to stay with my step-mother, but I was chased out after the death of my dad. I've done lots of petty job to provide for myself and my girl but It seems I just keep going in circles. Moving in with this man was a single option for me and I thought it was a chance to start a new life. It's a very long story but i'm open to further questions. Thanks.

  4. Dear poster,I really do feel for you,am quite convinced that you alone can yakebcare ofbyour kids.pls try to go to your church,wish you were in port Harcourt,there are churches I know DAT carter for women ND men DAT of needs. Go to the church ND explain ur delimma,God will provide helpers for u,and pls be prayerful and draw close to God.forgive urself and keep holding on,u will make it true,my colleague survived also with two girls and now she's reaping the fruits, d girls are so lovely ND awesome,one is a now a graduate of medicine ND d other just gained admission in uniport to study you see it wasn't easy for Betty but she strived hard and now she's enjoying her girls.God bless u babe.

  5. Awwwwww mydear I feel ur pain. I ll advice don't give ur child out. 1. Talk to a lawyer about it do dey ll pin d man on taking care of his unborn child n u. Or probably look for human rights activists please. 2 go to God in prayers about ur life. God is ur strength


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