35 Awesome Christmas Presents For A Nigerian Mother, And Nigerian Mother-Inlaw

 This Christmas, Please remember the woman that gave birth to you, your wife, and your husband or your children's grandmas, your mothers-In-Law.  I gave the title mother in law, but, these are Christmas gifts fit for even our own mums too,  even fit for oga madam sef. From this extensive list, we can pick for our mothers,  pick for mom in laws and friends.  Make someone smile this Christmas and beyond.  Create fun memories with these gifts:
African prints: Vlisco Hollandais wax, High Target ankara wax material, Ghana Wax material, English wax, Lace material, or any cloth material good for sewing wrapper and blouse.

2. Lace material : 
Jewelry, gold jewellery, silver jewellery, bronze jewelry or costume jewellery. These could be earrings or necklaces.

4: A wrist watch, can get husband and wife wristwatches for Mr and Mrs.
5: Handbag
6. A phone  

Dinner set
8. Blender 
9. Microwave 
10. Cookware set
11. Cutlery set
12. Kitchen knives set
A kitchen needs hamper 
14. Bedsheet  and pillowcases 
15. George wrapper 
16. Low heeled Slippers sandal or  with a fashionable bag.

17. Beach towel
18. Toiletries bag with nice cream and medicated antiseptic soap
19.  Underpants, bra and petticoat, not g's Tring and not strapless bra

20. Sleep wears; Night gown and pyjamas 
21. Blanket 
22. Night Lamp
23. A new box, whether empty or full, no problem.  She'll need to fold and store her clothes in there.
24. Cooking stove 
25.  20 to 50 litres kerosene if she doesn't use gas.
26. New buckets or Basins, nor plastic basins  oh.
27. Pack of tooth paste and tooth brushes 
28. Drinking glasses or mugs; Plates and cutlery or cooking pots, blender Etc.
29.Pack of detergents and bar soaps for washing, packs of morning fresh or other dishwasher detergents  can be included,  packs of Ariel detergent, Omo,  So Klin and so on.
30. A Bag of rice or half bag or even 1/4 bag depending on what you can afford.
31. Vegetable oil. 
32. Half a carton of  canned tomatoes
33. A Complete set of beverages (Nigerian Tea) including milk, Milo, Bournvita or Ovaltine, Sugar or honey, Margarine and sardines. Custard powder.
34. Small Television with Antenna or decoder that won't need monthly subscription just incase you can't afford the subscriptions. 
35. Some nice pocket friendly wigs if she is the fashion loving type. 
Thanks for making her Christmas a special one.


  1. Interesting. Thanks for Sharing

  2. Very true!! I would kiss anyone who bought me an item from this list....

    1. @Calabar gal. This is for mums and mother in-laws na. You kuku buy for them.

  3. lovely list, truly lets remember our parents this season

  4. Great list but No.27 is dangerous o, cos it can be misinterpreted especially by a mother in law.

  5. @ Grace, why na? You actually made me rethink number 27. I hope no mother in law feels insulted by toothpaste gift o. Giving you toothpaste doesn't mean that you have bad breath abeg oh.


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