Hurry Now, Shop Authentic Elubo: Healthy Amala Flour

Authentic Unadulterated Yam Flour
Elubó : healthy amala flour.

A well cooked pot of soup should be
complimented with one of the healthiest swallow.
Do you know that amala has been certified as one of the healthiest swallow we have? Well,now you know.

Tired of buying mixed and diluted amala flour?

You love amala but just can't go through the stress of buying and grinding it all by yourself?

Looking for the best amala flour, but can't seem to find the perfect choice?

Look no further, Your perfect healthy choice is here.

Our blend is made from native "gbòdó" yam specie. The flour derived gives you a smooth fluffy mold. Carefully selected, well dried, andd grinded under the strictest hygienic condition. Each pack delivers nutritious health to you.

Order for your pack of " Elubó : healthy amala flour" today.

A little goes a long way.
No mixtures.
No additives.
No preservatives.

A pack of 1kg cost NGN1500.

Whatsapps : 08057318900
Calls : 08057318900, 07012874220
Bbm : 3353531E
Delivery nationwide.
Special discount for wholesalers and distributors. 

 Naturally dried yams for Elubo. 


  1. This is good. Eating amala with tasty soup is good for the body.

  2. Nothing beats the real deal with no adulteration. Yummy.

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