How To Cook Edible Maggots

 Edible worms, a great source of protein. 

The edibLe worm is a delicacy of the Southern people of Nigeria. Also known as the palm tree
weevil larva  (Rhynchophorus phoenicis). It is a great source of protein that is popular anywhere the palm tree is found. Aside Nigeria, It is also found and eaten by the inhabitants of the Amazon forest, Asian countries, Central Africa, Malaysia, Cameroon, Papua New Guinea and more. Edible worms are a very nutritious delicacy that grows on rotting palm trees after all the palm wine is tapped. They can be eaten raw for those who have the liver, grilled or fried. Seeing them for the first time, one would think they can bite but no, these bugs are harmless. I waited to make some before I post but can't find them here in Abuja.

These maggots develop into flying insects  also edible, that's why many refer to the palm tree as the tree of life. Do you know that every part of the palm tree is useful to man? Either as food or medicinal. From it's medicinal roots,to the stem, branches, juice,  everyting.  Even while rotting away, the palm tree is still very useful with edible maggots and mushrooms growing on it.

Research carried on the early and late stages of development of edible worms  showed that the Larvae is a great reserve of Protein, Lipid and Carbohydrate. It also contains considerable amount of minerals that includes: Potassium, Magnesium, Manganese, Iron, Phosphorus, calcium and more .

Very easy.  Wash, salt and either grill or fry.
Image courtesy: Nairaland. 

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  1. The edible maggots are very sweet (fresh ones) and I like them in my vegetable soups.



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