Church Wedding And Marriage Blessing, Who Knows The Difference Please?

Good morning Aunty Eya, please help me post this anonymously on wives connection blog. I need clarification on these two terms. I've always thought they are one and
the same thing but my friends don't think so. I'm  getting married by Easter of 2016 and, my fiance says we should do a church blessing to save money but I'm confused between marriage blessing and white wedding. Please help. He explained that marriage blessing can take place  even in the pastor's office with a few witnesses, I remember he also said it can happen even during a Sunday service . I've never witnessed any such marriage m don't know if anyone on the blog can help me understand the difference. Thanks. 


  1. Johnson11/21/2015

    WHITE WEDDING (also called Church Wedding) is when couples are joined together in Holy matrimony by an ordained pastor in the presence of witnesses. This will usually happen after the traditional and court wedding. If couples decide to do white wedding, they cannot be said to be married until the white wedding is done - for this reason, the wedding anniversary becomes the date of the white wedding.
    CHURCH BLESSING on the other hand is prayers offered to already married couple who have taken a conscious decision not to do a white wedding. This means that the traditional wedding has been conducted and couple are already Mr & Mrs.
    Note that if you are doing white wedding, you cannot be regarded as Mr & Mrs until the white wedding is done even after you have done the traditional.

  2. Anonymous11/21/2015

    Johnson, I disagree with you on this one. White wedding and church blessing are different based on the cost difference. It's called "white wedding" because it takes place in the church according to d dictate of the bible, as introduced by the "white man".

    Church blessing is so called because of the absence of the many practices of a typical Nigerian wedding, such as an after party or reception as it's called, or a compulsory white attire for a bride and a 3-piece suit for the groom.

    Your fiancé is perfectly right.

  3. Marriage blessing is a form of wedding where the bride and groom wear whatever they chose and go meet the pastor for solemnization. It can take place in the pastor's office or even after the Sunday service. There is no reception, sometimes invitations are not sent, just the couple and their witnesses. Church blessing actually does save cost. In some pentathlon churches, a couple who already have kids together cannot do the white wedding. Their marriages is blessed by a pastor and they are recognised as Mr and Mrs. Marriage blessing comes after traditional African wedding. Before marriage blessing, the bride price must have been paid. People who decide to move in together after payment of the bride price can just go for their marriage blessing and continue to live as husband and wife.
    I have seen a couple who after their traditional marriage, went to the pastor's office with a few family members for marriage blessing and the church recognizes them as a properly married couple. I hope I'm making sense going forward and backwards with my typing.

    1. In some *pentecostal churches

    2. Anonymous11/23/2015

      Sure! U did hit the nail.

  4. Lisa Ephraim11/24/2015

    Well poster what ever you and your hubby decide make sure your marriage is statutory. Your marriage is statutory when it is conducted in a Liscenced place of worship. The marriage certificate you get should have Form E written on it with Nigerian Coat of arm, it should be rectangular.Please not only the poster, every married woman make sure you have this Marriage Certificate, if you don't please try and get it from a marriage registry and yes you will have to marry again at the registry.


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