The Supreme Court's Decisions Are Based On The Constitution, God Judges You Based On His Word. T. D. Jakes

Bishop T.D. Jakes, founding pastor of The Potter's House in Dallas, Texas, remarks on the Supreme Court's ruling on same-sex marriage
during a service on Sunday, June 28, 2015.
Jakes informed worshipers at The Potter's
House in Dallas that he had been "bombarded"
by various people wanting to know his
thoughts on the Supreme Court's ruling last
Friday that state bans on gay marriage are

"I'm not really as concerned about this as a lot

of people are," said Jakes during service on
Sunday, according to a video excerpt of his
remarks published online. "I'm really not as
concerned about it. I think that we should not
lose our mind about the world being the world
and the Church being the Church. This is not a
news flash. The world is gonna be the world
and the Church is gonna be the Church, and
you have to understand the difference."

The influential megachurch pastor, bestselling
author and film producer went on to explain to
his congregation that the Supreme Court, as a
worldly institution, has one job: to uphold the
rights of all Americans.

"The Supreme Court is there to make a
decision based on constitutional rights and
legalities that fit all Americans. They are not
debating Scripture," he said, which led to
applause from the congregation.
"They are just not debating Scripture," Jakes
repeated. "I guarantee you that they were not
in there looking at Romans 1 and First
Corinthians this and weighing it against the

"We have bought into all this rhetoric about
America being a Christian nation," Jakes said.
He went on to suggest that indeed America has
a lot of Christians in it, but the country is
governed as a democracy and not by
theocratic principles.
"But what we do need to watch is that our
religious freedom is also respected and
protected so that we don't have to get caught
up in the winds of the world and go the way
the world is going," Jakes added. "So we need
to watch that as we grapple with an ever-
changing society, and our society is becoming
more and more pluralistic. "
"There's nothing to say that Christianity will be
the dominant religion in this country. I hope it
will. It's up to us," he added, going on to say
that Christians have "stopped witnessing" and
"stopped winning souls" and continue to
isolate themselves from people who do not
"believe like we believe."

That runs against what Jesus commanded His
followers to do, he insisted, adding, "Jesus
said go into all the world and preach the
Gospel to every living creature."
"So we need to change as a Church too. We
need to start reaching out to all types of
people and preaching to them and ministering
to them and sharing our faith with them. I
don't mean on Sunday morning. I mean in the
mall, I mean in the grocery store, I mean while
you're getting your hair done. It's time for you
to be a real Christian. I mean a real Christian,
and win people to Jesus Christ. And you can
start in your own house," Jakes admonished
his flock and the countless others watching the
service via livestream.

Jakes, 58, rounded up his remarks by informing
worshippers that "God is still in control" and
giving them a stern warning about God's
"The Supreme Court makes its decisions based
on the Constitution, debating the
constitutionality of any particular issue. But I must warn you, God does not judge you by the Constitution. He judges you by the Word of God. So while the Supreme Court is looking at the Constitution, you better search the Scriptures …,"
Jakes said.


  1. This post has blessed me.
    I'm moved to act on it, to do something, to not just think about winning souls but to actually do it.
    God bless you for posting.

  2. This is so good jakes... thanks

  3. Anonymous7/09/2015

    Hmmmm powerful!

  4. Anonymous7/10/2015



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