Nigerian White Soup To CookThis Weekend

Nigerian white soup cooked with a few drops of palm oil. 
The Nigerian white soup is one very easy to cook south south soup that is now accepted all over the country. It's one Nigerian soup that can be served as the main course or starter. The consistency of this soup makes it easy to swallow with foo foo, wheat meal, pounded yam,  starch, pounded plantain, semovita or even amala.

The thickness depends on who is cooking, and the
quantity of mashed boiled yam added to the soup. It can be cooked with or without palm oil.Tatashe is one good colour enhancer for those who don't like oil in the soup.
Here is a quick Nigerian white soup recipe for easy cooking. I love to just serve mine with a spoon and enjoy like a complete meal, very delicious, spicy and filling. Go HERE for step by step cooking guide. You can also try this recipe: How to cook white soup with beef.
Enjoy your meal! 


  1. Nice.

  2. Anonymous7/14/2015

    I tried it and it came out really nice.


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