My Sunday Wear: Maxi Dress In A Jacket

This sleeveless dress is so comfy and warm, the real deal for such a chilly Sunday morning. It had rained cats and dogs at night, the strong wind continued till the early hours and I thought I should just stay at home because it's cold and very windy but, the two girls at home won't stop asking
"mummy, "what time is second service?"  You see the cute little boy standing there? I never plan on posting with my young man staring at the camera but he is always there. You won't believe he is such a light sleeper that can wake up even at the click of a camera, sometimes, I wait for him to go to sleep before getting ready for my pics but for where? before we tiptoe out, he is looking for mom. So attached to me I've never experienced it this way, could be because with the other kids, I got help and the babies only saw me in the evenings after work or on weekends, they weren't this glued to me. When you see him beside my blog pics, just ignore his screams and look on, he'll be fine.
 The long dress is warm except for the hands, and, this is what I can wear now without going late for the sermon. I have tried to change my style but it isn't working so I give up. How people manage to get ready ahead of time, pick what to wear the previous day and just relax is what I don't know o. When I attend events late, it's because I'm looking for what to wear at the very last mionute. I rush to iron when I should be dressing up. If there's no electricity at the time, say NEPA is her best, I start rushing outside to turn on the generator and while doing all that, time is ticking. 

There are times I have dressed up for an event, walked out the door and turned back to go change the outfit because I'm not comfortable or don't feel what I'm wearing is appropriate. This is such a bad habit I don't know how to change. So, this Sunday morning, this lovely dress is all I can wear without ironing or thinking too much but the sleeves. My old jacket to the rescue. When I stopped working after my boy was born, my neighbor had/s an NGO that takes care of widows in some villages at the outskirts of Abuja, so, I emptied my wardrobe because those blazers and work outfits took space that I needed for wears of the moment, so, I packed almost all my outfits in two large ghana must go bags and she was extremely happy to take those to the widows (I don't know if that project is still on now as I don't see her gathering items for the trips like she used to). Those dresses, shoes and even other items ? I'm happy they made some other woman happy somewhere and also very happy that I forgot to pack along this jacket and two others, this has come to my rescue today. Well,I didn't ask for the dress to be made this sleeveless o, I specifically told the tailor to just make the sleeves short and smart, maybe because he heard me say that I do not like bogus or puffy hands on my dresses, he decides to completely do away with sleeves. After all the months of delay, trust me, I didn't have the energy to complain anymore, quietly collected my dresses, tried them on and so long as they fit, all is well.

 The ones that needed some adjustments (They have lasted so long with him that my new size began to swim in them. For the period these dresses lasted with the tailor, I have moved three dress sizes down, so, congrats to me, the baby weight is gradually shedding off). He wasn't allowed to take them back for adjustment o, in fact I opened my daughter's sewing room for him to do all the dress altering there and that was even good as he helped her fix her sewing machine parts that started falling off since her sewing lesson teacher traveled. 

This my 9 year old Riri loves to sew and used to try to do so even with needles. She keeps saying that she wants to be a fashion designer when she grows up so, my sewing machine was gifted to her to help start pursuing her passion in a way, she has actually mended some wears for us with the machine and, I think she is doing very well. I am now so happy that the lady I asked to come pick up this machine never showed up. Tailors' disappointments made me buy the machine to enable me learn how to make my own outfits and do some DIY mending for the family, but years passed and I couldn't find time to learn how to cut or sew. After about five years of being unable to find time to sit on the machine was when I asked someone to come pick it up but, thankfully, like hubby keeps telling me to always remember that my kids will someday grow up before I give away everything. 

Her failure to come pick it up is a blessing to my dear "fashion designer" daughter who is now using her free time wisely, learning to sew on weekends and holidays. The tailor fixed everything here at my house before he got his money but, I didn't complain about these sleeves after all, if not the cold morning, the dress is pretty and Abuja is naturally such a hot city, so, no problems. 
 Dressed for church with my  long gown and very large Bible that I just recently stopped taking to church. I remeber there was an argument on my other blog  (wives connection) about software and hard cover Bibles, some argued they can never take Ipads and phones to church for the sake of reading the soft Bibles in there while others think that is more convenient and, in my mind then, I think I supported those who kept Ipads at home cos that is what I have been doing all these years, but recently, I see that almost all the preachers read their Bibles in their Ipads, so, why would I leave mine at home every week and go struggling to open pages of paper when I can just click to get to the page I want, lol, hehehe, who no want easy, comfort life? This Bible? I'm taking to just keep in the car because my minipad has about three different versions and types that I can comfortably read without struggling to protect my pages of paper from my energetic son. 

 Those lovely beige sandal?  you know them already courtesy my re-rocking habit.

 The ankara dress testifies that I have come down three dress sizes, so I smile in thanksgiving. If anyone tells you that losing weight is easy, they are not saying the whole truth, one day I'll share some of my exercise pics so you can laugh and see what I do in front of the TV with Gena West of "A Different View"

 Have fun laughing at the momma dressed in her ankara dress and having fun with the camera. I'll learn to wear neck pieces with long earrings cos I see people do it and I love it but once my ears are heavy, I don't want to add neck pieces and when my neck is heavy, I wear tear drop earrings or nothing. Still learning sha.
Have a lovely, stress-free week!


  1. Anonymous7/13/2015

    Nice one Eya, but that dress is tooo long for me.

    1. Thanks Anon, forget that length, when you put it on, doesn't feel that way.

  2. That reminds me of my sewing machine that I bought for use at home and having stayed for almost 3 yrs without being used (didn't know how to sew neither had time to learn). My children turned it into playing toy with some part missing courtesy of my son who can't take his eyes off nuts and screws, always dismantling and trying to assemble mmmmh we can't count the nos of times he's spoilt gadgets in quest to see the insides.
    Good that you're encouraging your daughter, is good for her with time you will be getting your clothes done at home hahahaha .
    Today's look was good.

    1. @Mama Gold, like you are talking about my family. The machine has scars and stitches all over already with some paparts improvised, a piece of wood stuck down there to keep it standing. Talk about getting my clothes done at home, can't wait.
      Thank you sistah.

  3. Lovely outfit.
    I like it better without the jacket.

  4. Lovely outfit.
    I like it better without the jacket.


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